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  • Blog Post: Rumor: Microsoft Bringing Cortana's Voice To Bing Search On Smartphones

    According to a report, Microsoft is infusing its mobile Bing app with voice functionality - and Halo's fictional AI hottie Cortana has been cast in the starring role. In short, Cortana will being going head-to-head with Apple's Siri. According to MSFTNerd : "Cortana will be voiced by Jen... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tying Rewards To Achievements This Fall

    Not everyone is crazy about Xbox 360 achievements, but those of us who get a little giddy when they hear that boop-beep sound could actually cash in on them this fall. An official tweet from the Xbox Live Rewards account says players will have a new way to earn rewards in a few months, related to achievements... More
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer Coming To Xbox This Fall

    Microsoft demonstrated a unique implementation of its web browser on its Xbox 360 console at its E3 press briefing this morning. Rather than the clumsy transplant of a typical PC web browser like exists on other consoles, IE on 360 is a customized version that appears to reformat content for optimal... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Live Television On Xbox This Fall

    During Microsoft’s E3 press conference Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Xbox LIVE, Marc Whitten, got onstage to talk about the new Kinect supported Xbox experience, which the company will be rolling out this fall – a service that will give users the ability to watch live television... More
  • Blog Post: Social Games Now Playing In Bing

    If you use Microsoft's search engine, some games will be playable right in the search results. Previously, players would need to click over into the Bing Games site to start playing some of the more casual social games that the site offered. Now, players will get access to games like Happy Island... More
  • Blog Post: Search For WoW Items Via...Icon?

    Microsoft has launched its latest misguided salvo in its unwinnable war against Google: The Top WoW Items Visual Search . It's possible that there is a less useful way to sort World of Warcraft items than by their tiny inventory icons, but it's going to take a group of top men and a serious federal... More
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