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  • Blog Post: Beat Down Boogie’s Cosplay Remix Celebrates Release of The Handsome Collection

    Beat Down Boogie, a YouTube channel known for its video game-themed shorts and cosplay coverage, has released a video celebrating Gearbox’s Borderlands update. Probably best known for their over-the-top film shorts, a result of the channel creators’ stint in the big-budget film business,... More
  • Blog Post: Action Heats Up In Mario Warfare 2

    Don't bother going to the theater to see Django Unchained, the internet has all the entertainment you need. Beat Down Boogie is putting together a fun mash up of Super Mario Bros and Call of Duty. The team has already meet their Kickstarter goal for the video series, and to celebrate, they've... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Gets Caught Up In Some Modern Warfare

    We've seen a million gritty, "real-life" versions of Mario Bros, but this one is clearly a cut above the rest. Beat Down Boogie is currently working on this web series. If you like what you see, you can help support them by contributing to their Kickstarter . Everybody's doing it. More
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