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  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus October Titles Include Batman, Bunnies, And Bonus Driveclub

    You’ve still got a week to pick up September’s PlayStation Plus games, so don’t worry about the calendar saying “October.” If you’ve already burned through all six titles and are looking for something new though, the next slate has been announced. This month will bring... More
  • Blog Post: Celebrate Batman’s Anniversary With Arkham Series Action Figures

    This year marks the 75th anniversary of the caped crusader, and DC Comics is celebrating with a variety of figures culled from nearly a decade of Dark Knight. Included in the batch are some that will be familiar to fans of the Arkham series. The series, which starts shipping in April and will continue... More
  • Blog Post: DC Planning Animated Film For 2014 Based On Batman Arkham Games

    With every new envisioning of a popular character comes the inevitable question, “Is this canon?” While we might not get the answer to that question with regard to the Batman: Arkham games any time soon, DC is side-stepping the matter by giving that version of the Dark Knight his own movie... More
  • Blog Post: Humble Bundle Dons Cape And Cowl For Two Weeks Of Warner Brothers

    The latest Humble Bundle has been announced and the pay what you want service is teaming up with Warner Bros. This bundle includes six games, including the Game of the Year editions of both Rocksteady Batman titles. In addition to Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City , the bundle includes Scribblenauts... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Taps Arkham Asylum For Second Action Figure Series

    Square Enix's second line of Batman: Arkham Asylum figures consists of two figures: An armored Batman and Harley Quinn (who comes packaged with Scarface). Like the first line in this series (Batman and Joker), both of these sculpts offer a high level of articulation and optional hand parts. This... More
  • Blog Post: Mutated Joker Featured In New Arkham City Action Figure Line

    DC Direct dropped a surprise on comic book retailers today in the form of a product catalog that showcases many of the company's planned action figures for 2012. In addition to first shots of figures based on the upcoming feature film The Dark Knight Rises , this catalog shows off figures based on... More
  • Blog Post: Can Warner Bros. Montreal Top Batman: Arkham City?

    Warner Bros. new Montreal studio will be working closely with DC Comics and is likely working on games based off the publisher's stable of popular characters. It also hopes to buck the industry trend of cheap cash in titles that suck. Sounds good to us. In a recent interview with Canadian Business... More
  • Blog Post: Win A Batman: Arkham City Official Map App Or Guide

    Even if you’ve been playing Batman: Arkham City since it released earlier this week, you probably haven’t found every Riddler trophy. Maybe one of these official guides will help. The Official Batman: Arkham City Map App includes all of the game’s major locations, and shows you where... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City 'Nightwing' DLC Dated

    The first downloadable content pack for Batman: Arkham City will hit on November 1, Warner Bros. announced today. The content includes Nightwing, who has his own arsenal of special gadgets and moves, in addition to two challenge maps: Wayne Manor and Main Hall. Nightwing will be playable in the game's... More
  • Blog Post: The Many Faces Of Robin In Batman: Arkham City

    We’ve known for some time that those who pre-order Batman: Arkham City will get one of a variety of skins for Batman, but those who pre-order the game will also be able to get a variety of skins for Robin as well. News about Robin’s alternate skins recently leaked out of Amazon Germany ,... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Comic Book Review

    "I still see the tableau in my mind's eye, the way I dreamed it would end. Batman, one fist raised in a last pathetic act of defiance, a brave oath dying on his lips as I crushed the life out of him. And above it all, my laughter rising over the crack of his bones." These are the first... More
  • Blog Post: WB About To Announce New Batman Game?

    Warner Bros. has bought up five Internet domain names that could point to a new Batman game in the works. This could be part of the upcoming Arkham City launch, but that seems unlikely. Superannuation found these five domains newly owned by Warner Bros.: batmanhush.com batmanhushgame.com batmanredhoods... More
  • Blog Post: New Starcraft Action Figures On The Way

    DC Direct is best known in gaming circles for its World of Warcraft action figures. In 2011, the company also plans to release its first line of figures for Mass Effect (April 27), Killzone (April 13), Starcraft (September 28), and God of War (May 25). Additional lines for Batman: Arkham Asylum, World... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Will Only Be A Single-Player Experience

    Since Warner Bros. Interactive announced a sequel to 2009’s hit Batman: Arkham Asylum, people have speculated that Robin would be in the game, and that the title would feature some kind of co-op or competitive multiplayer. The truth is finally out. In a recent interview with IGN , Rocksteady Studio’s... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Comic To Bridge Game Gaps

    Batman is returning to his roots with the announcement of a supplementary comic based on the interactive Arkham lore. While a comic based on a game spawned from a comic may seem a bit redundant, the six-issue miniseries has carved a niche for itself amongst bat-books, intending to bridge the gap between... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Wallpapers For Everyone

    We've got images based on both covers for all types of monitors, PS3 and 360 backgrounds, and iPhones. Come and get it! PC Instructions Left-click on the proper resolution ( click here to find out your screen's rez if you don't know), right-click on the image that appears, and select "set... More
  • Blog Post: The Music Of Batman: Arkham City

    In this video interview audio director Nick Arundel breaks down the first musical theme from Arkham City. Rocksteady's primary composer talks about carrying over musical elements from the first game, plays some segments from the teaser trailer live, and pulls out subtle elements that you may not... More
  • Blog Post: What Does Arkham City's Director Think Of Move, Kinect, And 3D Gaming?

    Rocksteady Studios' Sefton Hill shares his thoughts on the upcoming technology from Sony and Microsoft. When we visited Rocksteady for our Batman: Arkham City cover story, everyone had just returned from E3 where Move, Kinect, and 3D were the big talk of the show. While Hill wouldn't say one... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Art Time Lapse Video

    Rocksteady concept artist Kan Muftic transforms a dark blob into Batman in just over two minutes. Most of us could never fathom how to start a digital painting of Batman that looks as awesome as the one above. The sped up video below shows how a skilled artist handles the process from start to finish... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain, Arkham Asylum Honored At Develop Awards

    The European Develop conference held an awards ceremony last night in Brighton, U.K., handing out trophies to some of the best and brightest in the game industry. The big winners were Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain and Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Ayslum, which won Best New IP and Best Use of... More
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