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  • Blog Post: Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter Breaks $1 Million In 24 Hours

    Turns out gamers really want to play a Dark Souls board game. Announced earlier this month , the Kickstarter project from tabletop game creator Steamforged has already passed $1 million in pledges in just the first day of its campaign. Steamforged has translated the punishing action RPG series into a... More
  • Blog Post: First Dark Souls III DLC Arrives This Fall

    From Software and Bandai Namco want to make sure you have lots of opportunity to praise the sun throughout the year. While most of us in the west are still playing through Dark Souls III (you have seen our ongoing playthrough , right?), it’s not too early to think about DLC. We don’t have... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls III Launch Trailer Emerges From The Darkness

    Dark Souls III is out today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and with it comes horrors unimaginable and certain death. And a launch trailer. The footage chronicles just some of the challenges and encounters that await players. Fear not, however, as we've got you covered with Dan's review and a guide... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Eli Roth's Animated Short For Dark Souls III

    Eli Roth, the actor, director, and writer best know for his work in the director's chain on Hostel , teamed with Bandai Namco for a Dark Souls III animated short called " The Witches ." Roth directed the piece, which was put together by Six Point Harness , an animation studio out of Los... More
  • Blog Post: Bloodborne Is Getting Its Own Tabletop Game

    Tabletop game creator Eric Lang and publisher Cool Mini Or Not have announced their collaboration to make a Bloodborne board game. The game will be licensed as an official Bloodborne product. In his announcement on Twitter , Lang described Bloodborne as "a simple but highly deep and interactive... More
  • Blog Post: Bandai Namco Shows More Of Its Free-To-Play Wii U Game Lost Reavers

    A small portion of Nintendo’s most recent Direct was carved out for a free-to-play multiplayer game called Lost Reavers. Bandai Namco’s Wii U title allows you to romp around with your friends, as showcased in a brief gameplay section. Although details for Lost Reavers are scant, we know that... More
  • Blog Post: Battle Of Takodana Stage Coming To Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Game

    Last year, Bandai Namco said that additional stages could be coming to its Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game, and one might be coming by way of the recent movie The Force Awakens . According to Bandai Namco of Japan , players will be able to relive the battle of Takodana's aerial combat. The translation... More
  • Blog Post: Pokkén Tournament Lands In March, First Run Copies Come With Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo Card

    Pokkén Tournament has a release date in North America. Nintendo has announced that the game will drop in March for Wii U. The Bandai Namco-developed Pokémon fighting game was released in Japanese arcades last year. First run copies of the home version will come with an Amiibo card featuring... More
  • Blog Post: Bandai Namco Confirms God Eater 2, Tales Of Berseria, More For Western Releases

    Bandai Namco announced a number of games for Western release at the Jump Festa expo in Japan this weekend. The publisher has confirmed a number of titles that will make their way to Europe and North America, though not all are yet confirmed for 2016. The list below reflects new announcements. These are... More
  • Blog Post: Fated Retribution Trailer Shows Street Fighter's Akuma's Place In The Tekken 7 Storyline

    Tekken 7 has been available in Japanese arcades for some time, but Bandai Namco recently announced a follow-up called Fated Retribution featuring Street Fighter's Akuma as a guest fighter. The game is more or less an expansion to Tekken 7, which has been a common trend for the arcade Tekken fighters... More
  • Blog Post: Ace Combat 7 Announced For PlayStation 4 & PlayStation VR [Trailer Added]

    Just in time for Ace Combat's 20th anniversary on PlayStation, Bandai Namco today announced Ace Combat 7 is coming to PlayStation 4. During today's PlayStation Experience expo, Sony also revealed Ace Combat 7 will feature PlayStation VR integration, although it is unknown at this time if the... More
  • Blog Post: Bandai Namco Announces Shutdown Of Rise Of Incarnates Just Three Months After Launch

    Another game-as-service is meeting an early demise. Just three months after launching, Bandai Namco has announced the end of Rise of Incarnates. Servers will remain open through December 15, but as of today all sales of in-game currency have ceased. Anything you already have in your account may still... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls 3's Online PS4 Beta Is Ready For Download

    Did you to sign up for the Dark Souls III beta back on September 18? The application window is closed now, but Bandai Namco is letting fans download the beta onto their PlayStation 4s before they even learn whether or not they've been accepted into the stress test pool. According to a post on the... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls III Arrives In North America April 2016

    As of today, Dark Souls III has a release window in North America - April 2016. While we don't have an exact date, that's a significant ballpark to start planning for. The game will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can learn much much more about the upcoming From Software action-RPG via our... More
  • Blog Post: Get A Good Look At Luchador Pikachu In Pokkén Tournament

    We've seen the mysterious masked Pikachu before, but this trailer offers an extended look and the electric mouse luchador in action. Pokkén Tournament – a Pokémon fighting game that has some roots in the Tekken franchise – is coming to Wii U next year . It's actually... More
  • Blog Post: Bloodborne's Box Art Becomes Tangible With $300 Statue

    Gecco's latest video game statue is inspired by Bloodborne's box art, which shows a hunter standing confidently with a blunderbuss and saw cleaver in hand. Gecco worked closely with From Software's artists to ensure every little detail in this figure's "hunter set" attire is... More
  • Blog Post: Bandai Namco Says There Are No Plans To Take Dragon Ball Xenoverse Offline At This Time

    Some Dragon Ball Xenoverse players have encountered a message indicating the game's online services have ended. Bandai Namco says this is not the case. Twitter users like @RyGuy176 took to twitter share images of a message that offered the following when trying to sign online: Online service for... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Project Cars For Wii U Canceled

    Update: Project Cars publisher Namco Bandai has confirmed the statements by Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell that the Wii U version of the race has been canceled. A representative for the publisher sent us the following statement from Andy Tudor, creative director at SMS: "Despite much perseverance... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Confirmed For Western Release

    Just when you thought that the flood of new game announcements had subsided, Bandai Namco has one more thing. The publisher has confirmed another Dragon Ball Z title for western release this year. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, developed by Arc System Works, will arrive on October 20. The 3DS title... More
  • Blog Post: Tales 20th Anniversary Anime Based On Zesteria Announced

    Alongside yesterday's announcement for Tales of Berseria , Bandai Namco has also announced a new Tales of anime. You can check out a teaser trailer below for the anime which is being handled by Ufotable. Ufotable has handled the anime scenes for the Tales games since the first Tales of Xilia, which... More
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