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  • Blog Post: AVP War Spills Onto Mobile Platforms

    The Xenomorph's decades-long battle against the Predator comes to iOS and Android platforms with AVP: Evolution. This third-person action game lets you pick your side of the battle. As an Alien, you start off as a measily Facehugger and eventually evolve into a fearsome Alien Warrior. On the Predator... More
  • Blog Post: New Screens And Trailer Show The Deadliness Of Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution

    Developer Angry Mob pits the ultimate hunter against the ultimate predator in Alien vs. Predator: Evolution. A third-person action game, Evolution provides players with campaigns to play through both the popular Alien and Predator movie creatures. The game centers on a story about two Predator groups... More
  • Blog Post: First Aliens Vs. Predator DLC Incoming

    The Aliens vs. Predator Swarm Map Pack is set to hit PS3s, 360s, and PCs on March 18 for $7.00 or 560 Microsoft Points according to the Sega Europe Blog and a followup with the North American branch. The pack opens up four new maps to the public that were previously only available in the European special... More
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