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  • Blog Post: This Is What The Microsoft HoloLens Field Of View Really Looks Like

    While many innovators have been focused on fully immersive virtual reality experiences, Microsoft opted to walk a different path. The company has been working on augmented reality, ultimately resulting in the HoloLens head-mounted computer. We had the chance to check out HoloLens at E3 (you can read... More
  • Blog Post: Weta Workshop Special Effects Company Helps Craft Augmented Reality Concept Video

    Weta Workshop, the special effects studio behind a number of films most notably Lord of the Rings, partnered recently with a company called Magic Leap to put together an imaginative augmented reality video. The video is a showcase of the potential of augmented reality for both practical and entertainment... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's More Exciting? Virtual Reality Or Augmented Reality?

    With Oculus Rift's latest developments and Sony's Morpheus , the future of virtual reality is on everybody's mind (or face if we're being technical). Recent reports , as well as previously reported on IllumiRoom projection technology point towards Microsoft possibly pursuing something... More
  • Blog Post: CastAR 3D Augmented Reality Goggles Close In On Kickstarter Goal

    A former developer for Valve and Raven is one of the team that's attempting to bring another competing product into the crowded 3D goggle space. CastAR is a bit different from the Occulus Rift though, as it's more along the lines of an augmented reality experience (which we've seen a primitive... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo 3DS AR Titles Leaked?

    Speaking to Wired.com, an anonymous source shared what appears to be the full roster of augmented reality games that will come preloaded on the Nintendo 3DS at launch. Bundled as the pack-in title AR Games, six unique experiences are expected, but only Archery has been officially showcased thus far.... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Brings Real Toys Into The Game

    Everyone's favorite purple dragon with a 'tude, Spyro, is coming back in a big way. Activision has revealed augmented reality plans for a Spyro game that will allow players to collect action figures in real life and put them in the game, shattering the boundaries between reality and virtual reality... More
  • Blog Post: AR Games For 3DS Has Our Heads Spinning

    If you don’t have extra cash for a game on March 27 when Nintendo’s 3DS launches, you’ll still be able to kill time with the pack-in title AR Games. AR Games comes with a set of cards that players will need to lay out in front of them. When a player views these cards through their 3DS’s... More
  • Blog Post: Blast TIE Fighters In Star Wars Augmented Reality iPhone Game

    The new iPhone game Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner combines some of the most iconic Star Wars gameplay (gunning down TIE Fighters) with the iPhone camera technology to create a very unique and cool augemented reality experience. Basically, the game superimposes waves of TIE Fighters over whatever your... More
  • Blog Post: Majesco Announces Ghostwire: Link To The Paranormal

    In reality, Majesco announced Ghostwire back in May as hype for the Nintendo DSi mounted. Evidently adopting a surname, Link to the Paranormal in this case, warrants another PR blast. But we don’t mind. When we heard that this augmented reality game (which first debuted on mobile platforms) would... More
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