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  • Blog Post: Special Edition Armed Forces Xbox One Controller And Stereo Headset Coming Soon

    Microsoft has announced a matching Xbox One controller and stereo headset coming soon to Xbox One. The pair, which offers, "a modern camouflage pattern and military look," is available for pre-order now. You can head here for the controller and here for the headset. The former is $64.99 and... More
  • Blog Post: U.S. Army Bans Sale Of EA’s New Medal Of Honor

    Soldiers love playing video games in their off hours, but if they want to play EA's new Medal of Honor, they might have trouble finding it. The game has been banned from sale at all stores located within Army and Air Force installations. Previously placed orders and reservations are either being... More
  • Blog Post: Gamers More Likely To Be Better Soldiers

    According to a study by the Office of Naval Research, video games can help adults process information quicker, and improve reasoning and problem solving skills. With that said, it may also be used in training to produce better soldiers. "We have discovered that video game players perform 10 to 20... More
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