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  • Blog Post: DayZ Creator Addresses The Popularity Of Games Like Rust And Project Zomboid

    Dean "Rocket" Hall, the creator of DayZ, recently held a Reddit AMA where he addressed the prevalence of similar multiplayer survival games like Rust and Project Zomboid. Rust, Project Zomboid, and DayZ all fall into a similar genre where players have to survive for as long they can in a multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: DayZ Origins Might Tide You Over Until Dean Hall's Standalone Game Arrives

    The zombie-loving community has been anxiously awaiting Dean Hall's standalone version of popular Arma II mod, DayZ. Though that project has been delayed for significant improvements , a team of more than 32 developers has implemented some oft-requested features. DayZ Origins 1.6 introduces mining... More
  • Blog Post: Arma Devs On Arrest: 'A Completely Absurd Misunderstanding'

    Reports surfaced from last week that two developers from Bohemia Interactive, the creators of the Arma series, were arrested for spying in Lemnos after taking photos and video of military installations. Bohemia claims these insinuations are completely false. The developer issued a statement this morning... More
  • Blog Post: Arma Devs Arrested For Spying

    Update : Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel issued the following statement: We can confirm that two Bohemia Interactive employees, our colleagues and friends, were arrested during their holiday trip to Lemnos. They visited the island with the sole purpose of experiencing the island's beautiful... More
  • Blog Post: Day Z Mod Reaches 1 Million Players

    In the four months since its release, the zombie apocalypse mod Day Z has exceeded 1 million unique players, according the official website. The mod was created by Dean "Rocket" Hall of New Zealand for the 2009 PC military shooter ARMA2: Combined Ops. [Source: DayZ ] More
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