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  • Blog Post: ArenaNet Tackles Guild Wars 2 Hacker By Stripping, Killing, And Deleting His Character

    When you're playing in the same space as a hacker in an online game, things can get frustrating pretty quick. ArenaNet recently decided to make an example out of a problematic hacker in Guild Wars 2 and post the results on YouTube. When Chris Cleary, game security lead, heard about the recent problems... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2's Flame & Frost Series Gets Last Content

    Today, developer ArenaNet and publisher NCsoft release the last content installment for Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost, subtitled Retribution. In the final chapter in the four-part series you'll attack the Molten Alliance's secret forge to defeat the hybrid menace. Retribution also features new... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Goes Back To The Eighties With Super Adventure Box

    What started out as a slight April Fool's Joke by Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has turned into an optional three-level adventure. Super Adventure Box is an '80s retro gaming mode available this month for free in Tyria. Complete with appropriate graphics, music, and pixelated rabbits, the Super... More
  • Blog Post: NCSoft Outlines Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost: The Razing Content Update

    NCSoft and developer ArenaNet have detailed the third of four content updates for Guild Wars 2, entitled Flame & Frost: The Razing. The Razing features the norn Braham and Rox the charr, who are trying to defend their homelands against a hybrid army, and you can choose to play as either. The content... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Sales Pass Two Million

    Congratulations to ArenaNet for having a bona fide sales hit to go along with their critical accolades and runaway hype train. According to a press release from publisher NCsoft, the subscription-free MMORPG has sold through more than two million units, passing that milestone shortly after the company... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Permabans 3,000 Players For Using Exploit

    Guild Wars 2 just launched a few days ago, and the MMORPG's developer has already issued its first wave of bans. Arenanet permabanned 3,000 players who took advantage of an in-game exploit, but offered to reduce the sentences in a one-time deal. Chris Whiteside, the game's lead producer, explained... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced

    Publisher NCsoft and developer ArenaNet have announced the official release date for Guild Wars 2, and it's coming this fall. The game will launch in North America and Europe on August 28. There will also be a final beta weekend on July 20-22, and you can get more info on that at www.guildwars2.com... More
  • Blog Post: Over One Million Sign Up For Guild Wars 2 Beta

    NCSoft may have only been accepting entries for its latest Guild Wars 2 beta push for 48 hours , but that didn't stop a massive one million players from signing up for a chance. We were informed of the milestone today by NCSoft senior public relations manager Lincoln Davis, who says that the interest... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Accepting Play Testers For Next 48 Hours

    Guild Wars 2 is still on track for a 2012 release , and ArenaNet is gearing up for its launch with a limited beta. For the next 48 hours, MMO fans can sign up for the chance to be one of the first to try out the upcoming title. If you're interested in participating, you can sign up to participate... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Confirmed For 2012, Beta Window Announced

    Based on what ArenaNet has shown, many eager gamers have assumed Guild Wars 2 will come out in 2012. Today ArenaNet president Mike O'Brien confirmed a 2012 release date, and gave players an idea of when they can first get their hands on the game. In a blog post celebrating Lunar New Year's Day... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2's Eighth And Final Profession Is...The Mesmer!

    With Guild Wars 2 presumably finally coming out sometime next year, NCSoft had to reveal the game's eighth character profession eventually, and now they have: the mesmer. This class actually debuted in the first Guild Wars as one more focused on buffing and supporting party members. Judging by the... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare For Guild Wars 2 With This Adorable Charr Plushie

    The long-awaited release of Guild Wars 2 may still be off at some unknown point in the future, but ArenaNet and publisher NCSoft have put out one especially cuddly way to help you prepare for the exciting new MMO: a plushie based on its most fearsome race. In the history of Guild Wars 2's world of... More
  • Blog Post: Going To PAX East? Prepare For Guild Wars 2

    If you're in the Boston area and are planning to stop by the Penny Arcade Expo next weekend, NCSoft has a special treat waiting for you. As previously announced alongside the new thief class, Guild Wars 2 will be playable at PAX East. To help get attendees pumped up, developer ArenaNet has released... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Thief Class Announced

    Get this: Thieves in ArenaNet's upcoming MMORPG wear light armor, dual wield blades, and have stealth capabilities. Crazy, I know. Unlike other classes, Thieves don't have cooldowns on their skills. Instead, the Thief uses "initiative" to power their weapon attacks. Total madness. On... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Unveils Its New Guardian Profession

    NCSoft and ArenaNet have announced a new profession for Guild Wars. Guardians are support fighters, skilled at melee combat and aiding allies on the battlefield. One of the Guardians' most interesting traits is how they can shed their passive benefits and transfer them over to allies. Their virtues... More
  • Blog Post: Lengthy Retrospective Video Contains History Of ArenaNet, Awesome Guild Wars 2 Footage

    Though ArenaNet has not yet announced a release date for Guild Wars 2, it could very well end up being a 2011 release. To help celebrate the slow build-up to this anticipated sequel, NCSoft has released a 15-minute retrospective video that covers the origins of developer ArenaNet, how the original Guild... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Class Revealed

    "A Necromancer feeds on life force," reads the official Guild Wars 2 site. Sounds good to us. The second caster class to be announced, Necromancers have a variety of positional effects, minions, and the ability to fight on beyond their own death for a limited time. As cool as the dramatic fireballs... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2's PvE Content Finally Explained

    NCsoft's flagship Western PC franchise is taking huge steps from its original release and its several expansions to this full-on sequel. Guild Wars 2's Gamescom showing focused on the player-versus-environment portion of the game, and the vast amounts of dynamic content ArenaNet is promising... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Video: For MMO Fans And Haters Alike

    I've been interested in Guild Wars 2 for some time now, particularly once I found out about how they're dumping some of the MMO genre's most restricting conventions. No healers and no death penalties ? Alright, I'm listening. Today developer ArenaNet released a video showcasing the game... More
  • Blog Post: Guild Wars 2: No Healers, No Death Penalties, No Problem

    NCSoft has been quietly working on Guild Wars 2 for a long time now, but we're just starting to see a trickle of a real (and very interesting) details on the game. Not content with sticking to the established norm for MMO design, developer ArenaNet has revealed on its website today that the company... More
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