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  • Blog Post: Why We Miss Arcades Displayed In One Movie Supercut

    We miss the cacophony of lights and sounds in a crowded arcade. But we miss arcades portrayal in film even more. Here’s a mash up of several of the best arcades scenes from the preceding decades. The Huffington Post recently took films from 1975 to 1994 and spliced their arcade scenes together... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out The Museum Of Soviet Arcade Machines

    In the former Soviet Union, arcade machines from the West were forbidden. However, the Soviet government actually sanctioned the manufacture of Russian-made arcade machines that now live on in an exhibit in Moscow. The Museum of Russian Arcade Machines is an open-to-the-public display in the basement... More
  • Blog Post: Disney's Wreck It Ralph Takes Arcade Form

    Fiction becomes reality. For the promotion of its upcoming animated film Wreck It Ralph , Disney has made 101 classic looking arcade cabinets for the fictional arcade classic, Fix It Felix. And we got our hands on one. During our trip to San Diego for Comic Con 2012, we snuck over to the Tilt arcade... More
  • Blog Post: Retro Arcade Poster Makes Us Happy

    Illustrator Axel Pfaender has posted pictures of a poster he made that pays homage to the greatest arcade cabinets of all time. Pfaender posted pictures of his creation to his Tumblr account , stating that he made it to brighten up his office. I'm sure it does, but if you want a copy for yourself... More
  • Blog Post: Pinball FX2: Preserving An Endangered Species

    If you had asked me last January if a pinball game would have made my Top 10 year-end list, I’d have said you were crazy. However, that’s exactly what happened. Frankly, I wasn’t even familiar Zen Studio’s Pinball FX. All I knew was that, a few days after Pinball FX2 was released... More
  • Blog Post: Taito Bringing Digital Game Distribution To Arcades In Japan

    Japanese game company Taito announced a new digital distribution system for arcade games, catchily titled NESiCAxLive, for Japan at the recent Amusement Machine Show in Chiba. The system will work much like Valve's Steam, allowing arcade owners with compatible Taito machines to download games directly... More
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