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  • Blog Post: Colorado Arcade Machines Warn Users About Driving Stoned

    Since Colorado legalized marijuana in 2014, stoned driving has been a new hazard of the roads. Now, new arcade machines aim to raise awareness among users. The retro-looking arcade cabinets are made up to look like a fictional old-school driving games named End Game. However, when you approach the cabinet... More
  • Blog Post: Massachusetts Town Reverses 32-Year Ban On Arcade Games

    It's a little late, but arcade video games are finally coming back to Marshfield, Massachusetts. The town banned coin-operated arcade video games 32 years ago, based on concerns regarding children spending too much money on them and the so-called "undesirable elements" who arcades attracted... More
  • Blog Post: The Fictional Arcade Game From Disney's Wreck-It Ralph Is Playable Online

    A couple of days ago, we posted the debut trailer for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph , a new CG animated movie concerning a video game bad guy that escapes his game for the straight life. It's notable for -- so far -- appearing to be a video-game themed movie that handles game references with a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Creator's New Mobile Team Is Ready To Impress

    Last week, we reported on how Seamus Blackley, one of the architects of Microsoft's original Xbox was founding a mobile game studio with a group of Atari arcade veterans. Now Blackley has commented on how the future of games may look a lot like its history. Given THQ’s gradually sinking stock... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Co-Creator Reunites Atari Arcade Vets For iOS Game Startup

    Seamus Blackley was one of the architects of Microsoft's original Xbox. Now, he's set his sights on the mobile market, partnering with some revered game designers from the Atari's golden age. In an exclusive interview with Venturebeat , Blackley posits that the new frontier of gaming is actually... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Live Connectivity: Week of April 26

    No big surprise – throngs of people continue to play games on Xbox Live. We’ve got Major Nelson’s official Xbox Live connectivity breakdown for the week of April 26. Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3 continue to rein supreme as far as full retail releases are concerned, with Call of Duty... More
  • Blog Post: Major Nelson’s Top 20 Live Games of 2009

    Major Nelson and the Xbox Live team spent the early part of the new year compiling a list of the most popular games to utilize the service in 2009. Tracking unique users on a global scale (based on connectivity), the team just released a slew of results, detailing the most popular full retail releases... More
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