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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Enjoy April Fools’ Day?

    April Fools’ Day has become a bizarre holiday in the video game industry, full of fake announcements and laughable unveils. Do you enjoy it? Is there confusion over what’s real and what’s fake? Did you think for a moment this morning that Blizzard was preparing to release a fighting... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Website Inserts Thief's Garrett Into Playable Final Fantasy [April Fools' Day]

    One nice part of Square Enix owning the Thief license is they can do fun stuff with it on days like today. If you go to the official Japanese Thief site , you will be taken to a Final Fantasy battle where you can only play as the "Master Thief" class, who has way lower HP than the other classes... More
  • Blog Post: Your April Fools' Day Round-Up

    April 1 is a magical day where anyone can be a comedian, no matter how unqualified they are. Here are some yuks from the video game industry, some of which are actually pretty darn clever. Click on the title of each entry to see the full story. Minecraft 2 Announced Mojang wrote up a lengthy announcement... More
  • Blog Post: A Cavalcade Of Fools

    Today is April Fools' Day, also known affectionately around the office as "The day that productivity died." We've compiled some of our favorite fake news releases and product reveals from around the Internet and have 'em all here in one convenient location. Check back often, because... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Announces Super Monkey Cube

    Sega has made a lot of money off of its monkey balls, but today the company has announced a new project: Super Monkey Cube: Five Facets Of Fun. Prepare yourself for yuks. Here is the description of Sega's parody game: "A realtime turnbased RPG with action elements, Super Monkey Cube is nothing... More
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