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  • Blog Post: [Update] iPad Version Of Papers, Please Will Get Back 'Controversial' Content

    Update: Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope has stated via Twitter that he will be adding nudity back into the iOS version of the game next week. Pope revealed the information in the following tweet: I'll make an update to restore the nudity over the weekend (default to off) and it should be available... More
  • Blog Post: This Week In Mobile – Freddy's, Fables, And Fortresses

    It's that time again (just like it is every Friday): time for This Week In Mobile, where we pick out some mobile games we think you should check out this week. Without further ado: Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Developer: Scott Cawthorne Platform: iOS Price: $2.99 Shouldn’t this be called... More
  • Blog Post: The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Arrives In Canada’s App Store

    In August, The Pokémon Company announced an iPad port of its digital trading card game. Today, Canadians get a crack at it early, as the Pokémon TCG Online is now soft-launched in that territory. If you’re not in Canada, there is still reason to be excited. Soft launches typically... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy V Now Available On Amazon Appstore

    Final Fantasy V has conquered another platform. You can now play Final Fantasy V on your Kindle Fire. The game has been available on App Store and Google Play Store (and a few other platforms) for some time, but this is the first time it is available on the Amazon Appstore. You can grab the game here... More
  • Blog Post: More Than $10 Billion Spent In Apple's App Store In 2013

    In a recent press release , Apple announced that its App Store, a popular home for mobile games, had a hugely successful 2013. More than $10 billion was spent in the App Store in 2013, with $1 billion of those dollars changing hands in December alone, marking the service's most successful month in... More
  • Blog Post: Apple's Best-Selling Apps To Date

    As if there was ever any doubt, people really like to fling birds and chop fruit. Apple announced in January that customers have downloaded over 40 billion apps from the App Store. To celebrate today, the five-year anniversary of its digital shop, Apple revealed which software has sold best overall and... More
  • Blog Post: Apple Awards Rayman Jungle Run Game Of The Year

    Apple has awarded a number of 'Best of' trophies to assorted apps in its store for 2012, and Rayman Jungle Run took home the Best Game award. Rayman Jungle Run is a fine choice, as I had a blast platforming and collecting every Lum , but there were a lot of other great games in Apple's App... More
  • Blog Post: The Great iPad Third-Gen Retina Display Game List

    People lucky enough to get their hands on The New iPad are scouring Apple's App Store for games that take advantage of this machine's new Retina Display (2048 x 1536-pixel resolution). So far, Touch Arcade 's community has dug up 18 different titles that are either designed specifically for... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Is Planning A Robust App Store For The Wii U

    According to thedaily.com , Nintendo is planning to have an app store for the Wii U that will have software beyond the normal offerings of what is currently available on the Wii and the 3DS. The digital store on the 3DS does currently offer a few things outside of games like Mario themed calculators... More
  • Blog Post: Survey: 20 Percent Of iOS Devs Earn 97 Percent Of App Store Revenue

    The iPhone has been a boon to indie game development, providing developers with an inexpensive platform that reaches a massive audience. But is the opportunity that iOS offers optimistic developers just another Horatio Alger-worthy fantasy? A recent survey breaks down who's making money on Apple's... More
  • Blog Post: Wolfenstein 3D Pulled From App Store In Some Countries

    If you live in Austria or Switzerland, you may have missed your chance to buy Wolfenstein 3D on iPhone, since the game was pulled due to offensive imagery. According to id Software's John Carmack, the imagery in question is the many swastikas that can be found hanging in Castle Wolfenstein. Carmack... More
  • Blog Post: Angry Birds Still Dominating The App Store

    Gamasutra has published the top ten paid iPad games, and it features an awful lot of Angry Birds. Take a look at the full list below, which shows that Rovio's mega-hit shows no sign of slowing down: 1. Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99) 2. Angry Birds HD ($4.99) 3. Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99) 4. Monopoly... More
  • Blog Post: New iOS Game Developed By PopCap And A Nine Year-Old

    The Make A Wish Foundation has a long history of making kids' dreams come true, and they did just that for nine year-old Owain Weinert. He was diagnosed with leukemia, and his dream was to help create a video game. The charity got in touch with PopCap to make it happen. That collaboration led to... More
  • Blog Post: PopCap Teases Possible New iOS Game

    PopCap released a debut trailer for an iOS game called Unpleasant Horse. The problem? It was on April Fools Day. First off, here's the trailer: Hmm, could go either way. What pushes it in a more real direction is the official PopCap twitter account tweeted the trailer again today, and offshoot PopCap... More
  • Blog Post: FTC Looking Into In-App Purchases

    Responding to concerns from three congresspeople, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it intends to investigate how virtual goods are marketed and sold within mobile applications like free-to-play games. In light of a well-publicized story about an eight-year-old purchasing $1,800 worth of Smurfberries... More
  • Blog Post: Apple Launches Subscription Service

    Today Apple announced that it will allow customers to buy subscription content instead of just single, discrete items. It seems mostly focused toward written content, but Apple is also open to any other form of media sold on the app store... including games. Apple suggests subscription options for "magazines... More
  • Blog Post: Apple Closing In On 10 Billion Apps Downloaded

    The official iTunes site has a live counter ticking away the downloads as Apple approaches the landmark number. Why do you care? Check the image above. I want the $10,000 gift card Apple is giving away to the ten-billionth app downloader as much as anyone. Too bad Apple's OS updates have crippled... More
  • Blog Post: Cut The Rope Sells One Million Copies In 10 Days

    One of the more interesting things about mobile gaming is how title can pop up out of nowhere and become phenomenally successful within a matter of days. The combination of low pricing and word-of-mouth recommendations doesn't necessarily make every game a possible blockbuster, but they do contribute... More
  • Blog Post: Apple Game Center First Impressions

    Not more than just a few hours ago, Apple pushed their new Game Center platform live along with the iOS 4.1 update for their handheld devices. What is Game Center? It’s Apple’s attempt to bring some cohesion to the almost unruly state of gaming in the app store. Sure, there’s like 9... More
  • Blog Post: Apple’s Platforms To Drive Growth In Portable Gaming Market

    DFC intelligence, a group of market researchers, reports that the global market for mobile and portable games will reach $11.7 billion by 2014 with growth driven primarily by the iPhone and iPod Touch. By 2014, sales for games on Apple’s platforms are expected to make up 24% of all portable game... More
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