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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Prefer Console Or Handheld?

    As technology moves forward, the gap between handheld and console gaming is getting smaller. Which one do you prefer? Obviously, some experiences will only be available on console, and those are great, but on the occasion where the two versions of a game are similar, which has your preference? In those... More
  • Blog Post: Lara Croft Go Gets Free Expansion, Twitch Event, And Flash Sale

    Lara Croft Go is getting a free update for Thanksgiving. The Shard of Life expansion lands November 26 and introduces 26 new puzzles to Lara's entertaining mobile adventure . Shard of Life takes place in the new Cave of Fire and boasts new treasures and artifacts, as well as two additional costumes... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout 4's Mysterious Stranger Perk Music Now Available As A Ringtone

    For a stranger, gamers have gotten familiar with the enigmatic guardian of the Fallout 4 universe. Now players can carry a little piece of the Mysterious Stranger with these new ringtones based on the infamous in-game perk. The Mysterious Stranger, a perk seen throughout the Fallout franchise, spawns... More
  • Blog Post: Lara Croft Go On Sale To Celebrate Rise Of The Tomb Raider Release

    If you can’t seem to get enough Tomb Raider (or have to wait for the PC or PS4 releases next year), there’s still an option. The mobile Lara Croft Go is on sale through Wednesday. The puzzle adaptation of the action-adventure series is normally priced at $4.99. For a limited time, you can... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Battlefront Base Command Companion App Available Now

    EA and DICE have released the companion app for Star Wars Battlefront a week before the game’s release. Base Command is a free tower defense style game that pits players against waves of Imperial forces. The turn-based game deals you three unit cards and three star cards from your deck of 24. Each... More
  • Blog Post: Play A Game, See The World In Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Companion App, Out Now

    Fallout 4 launches next week, but if the series has taught us anything it's the importance of preparedness. While you wait, you can now download the game's companion app for your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device. Much of the functionality isn't working – it's a companion app... More
  • Blog Post: Hearthstone's Newest Tavern Brawl Experiments With Co-Op Play

    You can now see what it's like to team up with another Hearthstone player in a limited time co-op challenge. Tavern Brawl is a weekly event in Hearthstone that (normally) pits two players against each with specialized rules, cards, and sometimes pre-built decks. This week's Tavern Brawl is the... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Acquires Candy Crush Developer King For $5.9 Billion

    Activision has announced that it has acquired King Digital for $5.9 billion. The announcement comes in conjunction with the publisher's earnings call, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. King Digital is best known for its work developing the Candy Crush series, which has become a cultural phenomenon... More
  • Blog Post: NBA Pros Chris Paul, Roy Hibbert, and Paul George Unite For Charity In NBA Escape

    NBA Escape is a free-to-play mobile title by developer Urthworx that hopes to help as well as entertain. The game blends Angry Birds-style basketball mechanics with several fundraising elements. NBA Escape takes place at the beginning of the NBA season, with a villain known as The Dribbler kidnapping... More
  • Blog Post: Lara Croft Go Charity Auction Raising Money For Child's Play Accompanies Game Discount

    Lara Croft Go, the mobile turn-based strategy game starring the Tomb Raider herself, is on sale, and there is an associated eBay auction charity raising money for Child's Play. You can grab Lara Croft Go for $3.99 right now. Regarding the charity auctions, there are three eBay actions available to... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout Shelter Gets Beefy Update, Including Cloud Support

    It’s been four months since Bethesda unleashed Fallout Shelter onto your iDevices. Since then, Android players have entered the fray , and your dwellers have been mercilessly sacrificed in the name of scavenging the wasteland. If you’ve left your vault unattended for a while, a new patch... More
  • Blog Post: NBA 2K16 Bounces Onto Mobile Devices Today

    Today 2K Sports announced that its latest basketball sim has landed in the mobile court. Starting now, NBA 2K16 is available on iOS and Android devices, supporting a host of features, roster updates and opportunities to earn virtual currency. The mobile version of NBA 2K16 supports MyCareer, Blacktop... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Comes To iOS, Features Apple Watch Companion App

    A sequel to 2013’s popular Sonic the Hedgehog endless runner game Sonic Dash released today on iOS devices. A new add-on includes the ability to earn bonuses through exercise using an Apple Watch companion app. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom features the cast of the children’s animated show and... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: Uprising Action-RPG Arriving September 10

    The bonanza of Force Friday toy news is now in the past, but that doesn’t mean the road to The Force Awakens doesn’t have some imminent excitement. Kabam is getting ready to launch the latest mobile game in the Star Wars franchise, giving players something to bridge Return of the Jedi to... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon Shuffle Now On IOS, Android

    Pokémon Shuffle arrived on 3DS earlier this year, and now the free-to-play match-three game is available on iOS and Android devices. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile features more than 150 collectible critters, as well as Facebook integration to help any of your friends who are also playing the game... More
  • Blog Post: This Week In Mobile: Revive Planets, Survive Deathclaws, And Build Theme Parks

    This week, mobile gaming receives a few new puzzlers and sees a major update in a former fan favorite. Players will also be happy to see a game in the mix that neither costs money nor offers in-app purchases. Fallout Shelter Developer: Bethesda Platform(s): iOS , Android Price: Free (in-app purchases... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout Shelter Arrives On Android, Molerats And Deathclaws Attack All Versions

    The nuclear apocalypse has finally begun for Android users. After two months of watching iOS owners fawn over Bethesda’s free-to-play Fallout Shelter, it’s time for more people to start building a Vault. In the first two weeks, players spent over $5 million on Lunchboxes , which hold cards... More
  • Blog Post: Angry Birds 2 Was Downloaded One Million Times In Half A Day

    Angry Birds 2 released on Thursday, and within 12 hours, the game had already been downloaded one million times. It's completely free-to-play this time around, adopting the standard model of forcing players to wait to play more if they use up their continues. It also has a ridiculous number of levels... More
  • Blog Post: This Week In Mobile: Furious Fowls And 70's Kung Fu

    There are plenty of mobile distractions as the week comes to a close. If you must spend this weekend away from your console, these are the games worth checking out. Rovio released the first true sequel to their blockbuster Angry Birds franchise, while the folks behind CounterSpy tackle the 1970's... More
  • Blog Post: This Week In Mobile: Trim Trees, Take Up Pole Vaulting, And Revisit A Classic

    The top new mobile games this week have a lot of variety. Pac-Man fans will be happy to see a familiar game back on the market, this time without in-app purchases. Those looking for a relaxing puzzle game should take a look at Prune, while someone in the market for the opposite will love the quirky runner... More
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