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  • Blog Post: Sony Creates New Company To House Computer Entertainment And Network Entertainment

    Sony has announced the creation of a new limited liability corporation that brings together the operations responsible for gaming hardware, software, content, and network services. Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC will be officially incorporated on Friday, April 1, 2016. Andrew House (pictured above... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation VR To Be Priced Similarly To A New Gaming Platform

    Earlier this week, Sony announced that it has given the Project Morpheus head-mounted virtual reality display a final name. PlayStation VR, which was first shown off at GDC 2014, is slated for arrival in the first half of 2016. There are still a number of unknowns about the peripheral, including specific... More
  • Blog Post: Project Morpheus Is At E3 With Two New Demos

    Project Morpheus made a cameo during Sony's press conference today. The company confirmed the headset's presence at E3 with two new, as yet unrevealed demos. Additionally, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House reminded viewers that the PlayStation Camera is required for Morpheus use. House... More
  • Blog Post: Sony To Combine Live TV And Video On Demand With New Service

    Sony is continuing its push towards cloud computing with a new media service that it claims will combine both live TV content, DVR, and video on demand services. Sony Computer Entertainment's Andrew House revealed the ambitious plan at Sony's CES 2014 press conference. According to House, the... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Has Sold 4.2 Million PlayStation Units Worldwide

    At the company's CES press conference, Sony PlayStation Entertainment CEO Andrew House revealed robust sales numbers for the company's new game console. House said that, on a worldwide basis, the company has "sold through" 4.2 million PlayStation 4 units through December 28, 2013. The... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Sales Top 2.1 Million After International Launch

    After selling 1 million units through to customer s at the November 15, 2013, North American PlayStation 4 launch, Sony has hit another milestone. The European and Latin American rollout has pushed sales past the 2.1 million mark. The PlayStation 4 is now available in 32 countries, with a Japanese release... More
  • Blog Post: Sony’s Andrew House Expects 'Sufficient Supply' Of PlayStation 4 Through Holiday

    Last week, on the eve of the PlayStation 4 launch, we had the chance to chat with Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House. during our conversation, we spoke about the shift in messaging the new hardware, the decision process of choosing release dates, and balancing developer and consumer needs.... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Projecting Five Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Sold Before The End Of The Fiscal Year

    During Sony's TGS press conference, SCE president Andrew House said (by way of translator) that Sony is projecting the sale of five million PlayStation 4 consoles before the end of the year. Sony president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida, who presented the PlayStation smartphone app and PS Vita... More
  • Blog Post: Mark Cerny Details The Road To PlayStation 4

    When the PlayStation 4 is released this fall, many of us will open the box, plug it in, tweet about it, and start playing oblivious to everything that has gone into making the system reality. Yesterday at Gamelab 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, PlayStation 4 system architect Mark Cerny opened up about his... More
  • Blog Post: PS4 May Allow Cross Platform Gameplay With Phones

    The new PlayStation may offer gamers a chance to try out cloud-streaming technology, allowing developers to run software on server systems and stream it off the internet. Kazuo Hirai, Sony Chief Executive, took lead in a deal to purchase Gaikai Inc., the game in development using the new “cloud... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Kaz Hirai And Andrew House Get Promoted

    Two of Sony's most visible and executives, Kaz Hirai and Andrew House, have continued their climb up the company ladder with promotions announced today. Hirai, who has been serving as president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., will be now serve as chairman. House, who was previously... More
  • Blog Post: Sony: Physical NGP Games Will Have Simultaneous Digital Release

    Sony is looking out for you, whether you want to put an NGP cartridge on a shelf or download it. Andrew House, president of Sony Europe, has gone on the record explicitly saying any NGP game with a physical retail release will be available for download on the same day. “One thing we learned from... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Moves 1.5 Million Moves in Europe

    In an interview with Bloomberg News , Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head Andrew House said that the company has been experiencing strong sales in European territories for both PlayStation 3 and its new PlayStation Move motion controller. "Sales have been significantly up year-on-year in a market... More
  • Blog Post: Sony: PSN Premium Service Details Coming Soon

    Over the past few weeks we've heard our share of rumors floating around on whether or not there will be a premium service under the PlayStation Network name. In a user Q&A session with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Andrew House, we discover that details will surface "very... More
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