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  • Blog Post: The Highs And Lows Of Microsoft's E3 2015 Press Conference

    Microsoft kicked off a busy day of E3 press conferences with a number of large announcements about new games and old. We learned that a new Xbox One user interface will be unveiled this week, with additional system changes designed to please fans. The Xbox One Becomes a Time Machine Starting today for... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Kart 8 Sells 2.82 Million Units, But Nintendo Loses $97 Million During First Quarter FY15

    Let’s start with the good news. Mario Kart 8 is an overwhelming success, as Nintendo has announced that 2.82 million copies have been sold worldwide. Given the install base of 6.68 million, that works out to 42 percent of Wii U owners racing around the Mushroom Kingdom. Despite the monstrous attach... More
  • Blog Post: The Trends Of E3 2014

    Each year, as we walk through E3’s enormous halls, it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. Giant displays, pounding music, and glitzy booths are fun, but if you take a broader look, you can see where the industry is going. Developers are Embracing Single-Player Again With the enormous... More
  • Blog Post: Analysis - Nintendo's Upbeat Presentation Filled With Games, But Some Unfortunate Delays

    Nintendo presented what I believe to be the best Direct in the company's history. There were lots of exciting new game announcements, including the long-anticipated reveal of The Legend of Zelda, Miis in Smash Bros., and some unexpected titles. What We Saw (And Loved) This event was a marked shift... More
  • Blog Post: Analysis - Sony Surprises With Returning Franchises, New Hardware, And Revived Classics

    It's been a crazy, eventful, and fun Day 0 here at E3 in Los Angeles. After working our way through Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft, our night closed with Sony. Not to be outdone, the house of PlayStation brought a number of exclusives, multiplatform reveals, and even new hardware. What We Saw (And Loved... More
  • Blog Post: Analysis - Breaking Down The Kinect-Free Xbox One

    Since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One on May 21, 2013, the company has been haunted by decisions and comments about the console’s direction . Today, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and his team announced three major changes that should shrug off the specter of the past in favor of striding into the future... More
  • Blog Post: Analysis – Sequels Ruled 2013, But Infinity Showed New IP Can Thrive Late In Console Cycles

    Conventional wisdom holds that new IP is best delivered during the establishment of a new platform. When consumers are buying a new piece of hardware, they are more open to new gameplay experiences. Many publishers also believe it's much harder to launch a new game franchise toward the end of a console... More
  • Blog Post: Hunting the Whale: How Game Developers Target Gamers' Wallets

    This afternoon Papaya's Oscar Clark gave a presentation entitled "The Design Secrets of Successful Freemium Games," which offered some insight into how mobile companies use data and social hierarchies to create profitable titles. Early in the presentation the mantra of "gamers who... More
  • Blog Post: EEDAR Analyzes NGP's Chances, Predicts Price

    EEDAR is one of the industry's foremost analyst firms, and today they released a report on Sony's NGP handheld. The report was compiled by Jesse Divnich, who attended the unveiling of Sony's NGP in Japan. Overall, EEDAR appears to be fairly positive on the PSP, claiming "[We] expect... More
  • Blog Post: Pachter: 3DS Could Have Higher Software Prices

    Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter is very optimistic about the Nintendo 3DS, predicting that Nintendo will sell "millions" of units of the handheld even if the retail price was as high as $250. He also predicts that Nintendo will begin to raise the prices of its DS and 3DS software , from... More
  • Blog Post: Wii Software Sales Falling Behind Historic PS2 Levels

    We’ve already reported on analysts Michael Pachter’s concerns about falling Wii software sales. Today, Gamasutra’s Matt Matthew’s wrote an excellent piece that crunches Wii software numbers and compares them to sales trends of both current and past systems. The bottom line: despite... More
  • Blog Post: Day One Analysis: Microsoft E3 Press Briefing

    Another Microsoft E3 press conference is on the books, so it's time to begin the job of analyzing just how the effective the software monolith’s annual briefing was. While it's impossible to say who “won” E3 right now – especially when Sony and Nintendo’s conferences... More
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