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  • Blog Post: Double Fine Streaming Amnesia Fortnight Development

    Double Fine has announced that its two-week break from core projects, affectionately known as “ Amnesia Fortnight ,” is in full swing. The studio is live-streaming the development of four different small games. The four titles were selected from a number of pitches to studio head Tim Schafer... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Announces New Game Hack 'n' Slash

    One of the game prototypes made during Double Fine's annual Amnesia Fortnight game jam is going to see formal release, the action/puzzle title Hack 'n' Slash. Hack 'n' Slash was one of 23 Amnesia Fortnight prototypes that the public was allowed to vote on , and received the most votes... More
  • Blog Post: Video Reveals Amnesia Fortnight 2012 Special Edition Box Set Details

    Double Fine is now taking pre-orders for the Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition Box Set featuring five game prototypes, 2 Player Productions documentary episodes on Blu-ray, three bonus prototypes from previous Fortnights, and a soundtrack featuring music from this year's prototypes. Amnesia Fortnight... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight Goes Public

    Every year, the developers at Double Fine flex their creative muscles by taking two weeks to prototype some new, off-the-wall game ideas. Ideas from previous Amnesia Fortnights gave birth to games like Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade, and Once Upon A Monster, but this time around Double Fine is... More
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