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  • Blog Post: AMC's The Walking Dead Recreated In LittleBigPlanet

    With season five's finale around the corner, PSN user Blackbeltnick95 has recreated the opening sequence of AMC's The Walking Dead entirely on the PS4 version of LittleBigPlanet 3. He also created a couple The Walking Dead- themed levels with original storylines, starring some iconic characters... More
  • Blog Post: Starbreeze Announces Overkill's The Walking Dead

    Starbreeze, the studio behind hits such as The Chronicles of Riddick, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and Payday 2, has announced that it is working with developer Overkill to bring a new story into The Walking Dead's universe. You can check out the cryptic trailer right below. It isn't difficult... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Hires Former AMC Executive For Xbox Entertainment

    Microsoft has tapped Ari Mark, AMC's former programming director, to develop "unscripted" content for Xbox Entertainment Studios. "Unscripted" is likely a euphemism for reality TV-style content, as that was Mark's forte at AMC. At the network, he produced reality shows like... More
  • Blog Post: The Dark Side Of Gaming Cakes

    Over the last few weeks, we've shown you fantastic and colorful cakes inspired by a variety of video games. Today however, we bring you a glimpse of the darker side of themed baking. You may remember the Angry Birds, Mario Kart, and Wind Waker tiered cakes made by gamer and baker-extraordinaire Tracey... More
  • Blog Post: What If: Lego Breaking Bad The Video Game

    TT Games has taken an impressive number of big name licenses and turned them into video games, but they don't have time to make game's based on every property in existence. What if TT Games made a game based of AMC's hit drama Breaking Bad? YouTube user Brian Anderson isn't associate... More
  • Blog Post: Activision's Walking Dead Title Gets Release Date & Wii U Version

    The other Walking Dead title – the FPS by developer Terminal Reality and published by Activision – has a release date and a Wii U version. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, featuring the Dixon brothers from the AMC TV show (and the real actors doing the voices), hits stores on March 26... More
  • Blog Post: See Breaking Bad Re-Imagined As A 16-Bit RPG

    If you're caught up on Breaking Bad and you're on this site, you should probably watch this video. This College Humor clip takes the events of the first four seasons of the amazing AMC show and works them into 16-bit RPG scenarios. There are some obvious references and recreations of pivotal... More
  • Blog Post: Telltale Confirms Walking Dead Game

    Last night in San Francisco, Telltale Games announced that it was working on a game based on the zombie comic The Walking Dead . Aside from that announcement, however, details were scarce. No screens were shown and no gameplay elements were discussed. Telltale assured us that more information would be... More
  • Blog Post: Are The Walking Dead Strolling Over To Video Games?

    Even though some people may be suffering from zombie fatigue by now, the success of AMC's adaptation of the comic series The Walking Dead proves that there's still some life in those atrophied legs. And if some recent online speculation holds up, there may be another undead game shuffling into... More
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