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  • Blog Post: Opinion – Marvel And DC Should Conquer Games Next

    I don't think it's a stretch to say that comic books are taking over the entertainment world. Marvel Comics is lighting up the box office with smash hit after smash hit and is transforming its image from comic book company to one of entertainment's biggest heavyweights. The scary thing: They... More
  • Blog Post: Bruce Campbell Is Amazing Spider-Man’s Extreme Reporter

    How does Bruce Campbell prepare to work on a Spider-Man game? He jumps off a building. Watch the video below to see Bruce Campbell talk about the difference between acting in front of a camera and in front of a mic, his method acting process, and what he would do with Spider-Man-like powers. Watch Amazing... More
  • Blog Post: Latest Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Shows Off Web Rush

    The latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man shows off how easy it to use Web Rush to navigate Manhattan and beat up bad guys. In combat, Web Rush slows down time so you can make choices about how you want to approach a fight. In regard to navigation, Web Rush lets you zip around the city at full speed... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Announces Amazing Spider-Man Game To Coincide With Upcoming Film

    Marvel and developer Beenox studio announced at New York Comic Con a new Spider-Man game to coincide with the upcoming Marc Webb directed film. Beenox has two Spider-Men games under its belt with Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time ( click here to read our review ). Beenox has confirmed that unlike... More
  • Blog Post: Spider-Man Trailer Simulated With Mirror's Edge

    The newest Amazing Spider-Man trailer got some criticism for looking a little bit like a certain first person game from 2008. But how close does Spider-Man come to walking in Faith’s shoes? A few fans put together a video to find out. On a side note, if even Hollywood is copying Mirror’s... More
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