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  • Blog Post: Artist Mashes Up Fallout With Disney Princesses

    Artist Petarsaur on DeviantArt has put together a collection imagining how Disney princesses would fare in Fallout's wasteland. Above and below you will find their take on Snow White, but in the actual gallery, which you can find here , you will also see Rapunzel from Tangled , Alice from Alice in... More
  • Blog Post: American McGee Cancels OZombie Kickstarter

    After facing a long and complicated (yellow brick) road, American McGee of Spicy Horse Games has canceled the struggling OZombie Kickstarter campaign. The game was supposed to offer a zombie-infested take on L. Frank Baum’s classic story, The Wizard of Oz , but after facing licensing issues with... More
  • Blog Post: Could There Be An Alice 3?

    Alice creators, American McGee, might be thinking of pursuing a third installment in the Alice series. A few questions came up on American McGee’s Facebook asking fans about their interest in a third title and if they would back a Kickstarter project. This wouldn’t be his first Kickstarter... More
  • Blog Post: American McGee Apologizes For Negative EA Comments

    Earlier this week, game designer American McGee had some negative things to say about EA's marketing techniques during an AMA on Reddit . He seemed frustrated by EA's apparent attempts to "trick" gamers into buying a hardcore horror game...something Alice: Madness Returns is not. Later... More
  • Blog Post: Alice Creator American McGee Turns To Kickstarter

    The creator of Alice and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns is turning to Kickstarter for his studio's next game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. The game is a free to play action RPG with roots in Japanese culture, and elements of the Little Red Riding hood fable. The game is mostly complete, according... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer Doubles As Sony Advertisement

    Is this supposed to be a Resident Evil: Retribution trailer or an advertisement for Sony's gadget lineup? I honestly cannot tell. After watching the Resident Evil: Retribution footage, this trailer probably should have ended after the blatant product placement. From what I could pull from the footage... More
  • Blog Post: Music Is Your Alice Pre-Order Bonus

    Alice: Madness Returns comes out next month, and if you already know that you're going to buy it, you can score nine free songs off of the soundtrack. Gamers who pre-order American McGee's latest title at GameStop will receive a code that allows them to download nine songs. However, you actually... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Alice: Madness Returns Will Include Original Alice As Downloadable Bonus

    [Update] EA has already revealed that new copies of Alice: Madness Returns will include a code for a downloadable copy of its predecessor, American McGee's Alice. That marks the first the the game will be available on consoles. Previously, the publisher wasn't saying if the download would be... More
  • Blog Post: Alice Is Back, Madness And All

    EA revealed last year that a sequel to American McGee's Alice was on the way, but you'd be forgiven if you'd forgotten about it. The publisher has just released a new trailer for Alice: Madness Returns that just might put it back on your radar. There's a lot to soak in, including shots... More
  • Blog Post: Critics Hate Resident Evil: Afterlife

    Who says video game movies can't be successful? Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil movies have been making bank since day one. The fourth film in the series (yes, there have already been four of them) opens in theaters today. To no surprise whatsoever, critics hate it. Kim Newman of Empire... More
  • Blog Post: Alice: Madness Returns Announced

    Coming off the box office success of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie, American McGee is back in the saddle a decade later for a sequel to the 2000 original game. While this game has not yet been discussed at today's EA press conference, a Tweet from user thewhiterabbit has the following... More
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