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  • Blog Post: Aion: Assault On Balaurea Launch Trailer

    Aion is almost a year old, and NCsoft is inviting fans of the game to celebrate with a major expansion pack entitled Assault on Balaurea, available today. Read on to find out what's included, and to see an extended launch trailer. The Assault on Balaurea expansion features eight new instances, each... More
  • Blog Post: CosBlog #34: Aion Asmodian By Kamui

    Cosplayer Kamui impresses with her interpretation of an Asmodian character, infused with Aion’s distinctive look. A half a year of work and over a thousand dollars went into the project, and we can tell. Enjoy! Who: The Character Female Asmodian Plate Set from Aion - Tower of Eternity Why: The... More
  • Blog Post: Free Aion Expansion Hits In September

    If you've been playing Aion since its launch in September of last year, you're probably ready for something new. Luckily, NCSoft is also ready to provide it. They announced today that a new free expansion, Aion: Assault on Balaurea, will be available on September 7. Don't let the lack of... More
  • Blog Post: NCSoft And Rooster Teeth Explore The Scary Side Of Power-Leveling

    If you've ever considered using a power-leveling service to help you hit the level cap in your MMO of choice as quickly as possible, NCSoft has an important (and pretty funny) message: These companies may be making you an offer you can't refuse. In a new "The More You MMO" video made... More
  • Blog Post: 16,000 Aion Cheaters Feel The Banhammer

    We admit, we chortled a little bit when the announcement came that NCsoft had banned 16,000 Aion accounts for cheating. This comes on the heels of the removal of all chat privileges for characters level 5 or lower to combat the unbelievable gold spam. The game's community has struggled with botting... More
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