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  • Blog Post: Rockstar Keeps PS3's Agent Alive

    Rockstar announced Agent as a PlayStation 3 exclusive back in 2009 at E3, but the game has been deep, deep undercover since then. Perhaps the game will still see the light of day. Rockstar has filed two new trademarks for the game pertaining to the game's name and logo. Next to nothing has been revealed... More
  • Blog Post: Report: First Agent Screenshots Uncovered

    Rockstar's enigmatic 1970s espionage game, Agent, has been one of the developer's best kept secrets up until now. A collection of screenshots from the resume of a developer claiming to have worked on the PS3 exclusive have been declassified for your eyes only. Gamersmint found the portfolio of... More
  • Blog Post: Even Sonic’s Agent Doesn’t Like Tails

    Find out the true history behind how Tails was pushed out of the picture in favor of Knuckles for Sonic's forth game. Several weeks ago we posted a story about how Mario’s agent completely changed history . Well it looks like Mario and Sonic have a lot more in common than their love for the... More
  • Blog Post: Mario’s Agent Is A Piece Of Work

    The world might be little different if Mario’s agent wasn’t such a sleaze. Behold the untold tale of Super Mario Bros. Why did Jumpman change his name to Mario? What ever happened to his girlfriend Pauline? What does Luigi really sound like? All of these questions, and more, are answered... More
  • Blog Post: Is Rush The Codename For Grand Theft Auto V?

    We've already offered up plenty of speculation on what we want from the inevitable Grand Theft Auto V, but now some details have leaked about an previously-unheard-of Rockstar project that may be the next GTA game. Twitter user supererogatory did some digging this weekend and discovered various casting... More
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