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  • Blog Post: Hideo Kojima Would Like To Make An Adventure Game

    The Metal Gear Solid creator admits that he'd like to create an small budget adventure game similar to Papers, Please, but doesn't know when he'll ever have time for something like that. This isn't the first time we've heard Kojima kick around the idea , but when asked about developing... More
  • Blog Post: Ex-Cop Announces Police Adventure Game

    Jim Walls, an ex-Sierra developer who spent 15 years as a police officer, wants you to see what it’s like to serve on the force. He and his development team at Jim Walls Reloaded have announced a Kickstarter campaign for Precinct , an adventure game inspired by real police activities. Unlike Police... More
  • Blog Post: Artist Imagines Lost As An '80s Point And Click Adventure Game

    Penney Design, a graphic design company in London, England, has created a series of images imagining the television show Lost as an '80s point and click adventure game. You can head here to check out all the designs, which look to some of the series' most iconic moments. This is a game I would... More
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