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  • Blog Post: Adam Sessler Sets Fox News Straight

    The former host of X-Play gives an excellent take on the role of video game violence on social ills live on Fox News in this must-watch YouTube clip. Sessler brings up excellent points about the long history of concerned groups seeking censorship of every form of media from opera to comic books. Seeing... More
  • Blog Post: Report: G4 To Be Reformatted, Name Change Possible

    The cable network, which was originally designed as a 24-hour video game station, has been moving away from its original format for some time. Now, reports have surfaced that G4 may receive a suave makeover -- with a name change for the network possible. The entertainment industry bible Variety is reporting... More
  • Blog Post: Hot Topics Debate: Free Vs Pay, New Interfaces, Gameificiation

    D.I.C.E. 2011 kicks off with a debate panel moderated by G4's Adam Sessler that covered several hot topics in the industry, namely the battle between free vs. pay business models, new interfaces and player engagement, and gameplay vs. "gameification." Free vs. Pay Min Kim, Nexon and Matt... More
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