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  • Blog Post: Celebrate Thomas Was Alone's Birthday With These Limited-Run Action Figures

    It’s been three years since puzzle platformer Thomas Was Alone launched for PC and Mac. To celebrate that anniversary, developer Mike Bithell has teamed up with Kerry Dyer to create set of limited edition Thomas Was Alone action figures. The set features the characters Thomas, Claire, Chris, and... More
  • Blog Post: Threezero Toys Shows Off Its Titanfall Figures

    Threezero Toys revealed its intention to create Titanfall statues back in March , and now it has some actual figures to show off. Earlier this week, Threezero posted a gallery of six images of its Atlas and prototype pilot figures, which were on display at the Thailand Toy Expo. The Atlus Titan stands... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Skylanders Or Disney Infinity?

    It's the, "Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo?" school yard question of a new generation. Skylanders started the trend of video game action figures, but Disney Infinity has both Disney and Pixar licenses – which is a hard battle to fight. Despite the latter's impressive cast of characters... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: How Do You Feel About The Action Figure Trend?

    Disney Infinity releases today ( a Sunday release ), a video game that requires the purchase of physical action figures to extend content. How do you feel about that? It’s a trend that Skylanders started, but Disney’s not the only one who took notice. The Wii U has built-in near field technology... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Offering The Cave Action Figures

    The Cave is finally here, and Double Fine is offering action figure versions of the game's seven characters. If you've played The Cave, you would know that most of these characters are despicable people (unless you get their good endings), so you might not want them hanging out on your desk.... More
  • Blog Post: Hideo Kojima Is An Action Figure Now

    Is there anything this guy can't do? The custom Kojima toy was a gift from his friends at Square Enix, who sent him a tiny plastic likeness made by Play Arts. You can see the original figure below, but Kojima took it to the next level when he attached his head to a Solid Snake figure (above). Good... More
  • Blog Post: Action Figures Reveal New Halo 4 Enemy Types

    McFarlane Toys has created a number of action figures based on the Halo universe, but its latest series may have jumped the gun. A scan from the back of a Halo 4 figure package reveals two new enemy types. All Games Beta posted the image, which reveals the other characters in the Halo 4 Series 1 line... More
  • Blog Post: Earthworm Jim Coils Into A Six Inch Mezco Figure

    Anyone want an Earthworm Jim figure? I’m not giving them away or anything; I’m just asking because Mezco is making some. They’re not giving them away either, but you could buy one. Sorry if this was confusing. Mezco’s six-inch Earthworm Jim figure comes complete with a game accurate... More
  • Blog Post: More Mortal Kombat Figures On The Way

    We showed you the first pics of Jazwares' Scorpion and Johnny Cage action figures back in May, but that was just the beginning. We've got pictures of the next round of fighters, and they're looking...well, like you'd expect. Mortal Kombat! Toy Ark has a gallery of the new fighters, which... More
  • Blog Post: Mortal Kombat Action Figures On The Way

    If you're tired of trying to make your own custom Mortal Kombat action figures out of old Ninja Turtles toys, Jazwares is about to make your life a lot simpler. The company is prepping a new line of 6" action figures based on the classic fighter that will be available this summer. Keep reading... More
  • Blog Post: This Custom Shy Guy Figure Will Haunt Your Nightmares

    Given their blank, Halloween -ish masks, and red wizard robes, Shy Guys always seemed like one of the creepier Super Mario Bros. enemies. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Custom action figure artist Jin Saotome put together this fine piece. He explains how he built the figure on his blog if you want... More
  • Blog Post: Crysis 2 Action Figure Nears Completion

    NECA Toys' upcoming Crysis 2 action figure is moving along in development. Last night, NECA posted pictures of the "near final" sculpt for this figure on its Twitter account. For people who aren't following Crysis 2, this figure probably looks a bit disturbing. If you didn't know... More
  • Blog Post: McFarlane Debuts Halo: Reach Series 1 Vehicles

    Joining other McFarlane contributions to the Halo universe, Spawn.com detailed two new products this week. Available this fall, McFarlane Toys will release two classic vehicles as part of the Halo: Reach series – the Warthog and Ghost. The Warthog comes complete with an anti-aircraft gun and is... More
  • Blog Post: Halo Play Arts Figures Officially Announced

    Square Enix sends along word that the sweet Halo figures spotted at Comic-Con are not figments of your imagination. The first of these Play Arts -Kai- figures will be available later this year. Halo: Reach Play Arts -Kai- Vol. 1 will ship this fall, and includes Noble Six, Emile, and Jun. The second... More
  • Blog Post: The Off Duty Adventures Of Master Chief & Arbiter

    Master Chief and Arbiter were last seen finishing off The Flood and escaping the Ark at the end of Halo 3. Sadly, they were separated as that game came to a close. Lucky for us they are back together again in the amusing photo-blog Master Chief Off Duty . The blog's creator, who is anonymous, writes... More
  • Blog Post: New Bayonetta Figure Demonstrates Lethal Yoga Pose

    The fine folks at Tokopop have uncovered a new Bayonetta garage kit. I have no idea what a garage kit is, but it is apparently 1/6 scale and unable to be posed. Details are scarce at the moment, but Tokopop believes it is sculpted by Cerberus Project's Jigoku no Inu, and that this figure should make... More
  • Blog Post: Dante and Nero Love To Pose

    Okay, you're probably not playing Devil May Cry 4 anymore. However, you can still remember those halcyon days of 2008 with these upcoming Dante and Nero figures. The fully posable heroes, slated to release in June, are a part of the Play Arts line and manufactured by Square Enix. Maybe you could... More
  • Blog Post: Prince of Persia Action Figure Extravaganza!!!

    Disney's upcoming Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie has caught the eye of esteemed toy man Todd McFarlane. Come this May, McFarlane Toys will release a variety of figures based on this highly anticipated film. While many people turn to McFarlane Toys for their statue-esque detailing, it looks... More
  • Blog Post: Lost Planet 2 Toys Stomping Their Way Into Mech Lovers' Hearts

    After looking at the image above, if your first thought was, "stupid, high fantasy garbage," stop reading this story, and watch the video below. I'm not trying to convince you that mechs will soon be our primary means of transportation (which they will be by 2015), or that robots will be... More
  • Blog Post: Bayonetta Action Figure Shots Surface

    Plastic witches are on the verge of invading toy stores. Neither of these figures appear to be made of wood, so it's unlikely they'll weigh as much as a duck [Ed. note: Worst Monty Python reference ever], but I have a feeling they'll look great next to your Xbox 360 console (no, they cannot... More
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