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  • Blog Post: Nearly A Third of Gamers Think 3D Makes Gameplay Worse

    According to a recently release survey, companies like Sony and Nintendo that are pushing 3D gaming have an uphill road to climb. The survey, which spoke with over 1,600 adult gamers, was conducted by research firm Interpret LLC. The company's vice president of strategy and analysis Dan Casey revealed... More
  • Blog Post: First 3D PS3 Games Confirmed, Dated

    Sony is getting set to push 3D gaming to PlayStation 3 gamers this year. Yesterday, the company’s plans became clearer with the announcement that three popular PSN downloadable titles will be receiving updates that allow them to be played in 3D. Sony Japan revealed that Wipeout HD, Star Strike... More
  • Blog Post: Editor Roundtable: On The 3DS, 3D Gaming And More

    Nintendo recently confirmed something that has been floating around for a few weeks: It’s working on a new handheld . The surprising bit was that it was going to be more than just a turbocharged DS. The new device, tentatively called the 3DS, will display three-dimensional images without requiring... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft: 3D Gaming A "Long Way" Off

    James Cameron isn’t the only one trying to convince us that 3D is the wave of the future. 3D displays have been a big focus at this years CES; Sony is making a big push to put its PS3 center stage in this 3D revolution. But is this really a revolution? Are consumers really excited to have their... More
  • Blog Post: PS3 To Take Center Stage In Sony's 3D Revolution

    Every electronics company seems to be putting its chips on 3D at this year's CES, and Sony is no exception. While its new 3D enhanced HDTVs and Blu-ray players garnered most of the stage time during Sony's press conference, after touring the booth it was clear that the PlayStation 3 holds a strategic... More
  • Blog Post: 40 Million Gamers To Wear Stupid-Looking 3D Glasses By 2014

    As platform holders Sony and Microsoft do all they can to enter the motion-control market Nintendo’s flag has been so firmly wedged atop, intense research has been undergone on another form of immersive technology. According to market research team, Insight Media, 40 million gamers will be playing... More
  • Blog Post: The Rise of 3D Gaming - New PC Tech Coming to Home Consoles

    According to Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, three revolutions have ocurred in the film industry: the introductions of sound, color, and now 3D. Katzenberg stumped for the 3D cause in a worldwide tour in advance of this spring’s Monsters vs. Aliens. Starting with this movie, all Dreamworks... More
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