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  • Blog Post: Fans Re-Imagine Final Fantasy VII As 2D Action Game, Release Playable Demo

    PD Design Studio, a small indie developer with a great deal of love for Final Fantasy VII, recently imagined what Final Fantasy VII what look like as a 2D brawler, and released a playable proof-of-concept demo. You can find the game's website here , which includes an in-browser playable version of... More
  • Blog Post: Blood Drive Trailer Shows Corpse Party's New 3D Gameplay

    The next entry in the Corpse Party horror series is moving away from the pixelated 2D gameplay of the previous games in favor of 3D, and a new trailer shows it in action. Subtitled Blood Drive, the game takes place a few months after Book of Shadows. For more on the game head here . Corpse Party: Blood... More
  • Blog Post: Corpse Party: Blood Drive Coming To Japan In July

    The next entry in the Corpse Party series, subtitled Blood Drive, is coming to Vita in Japan on July 24. Taking place a few months after Book of Shadows, Blood Drive follows Ayumi from the previous game as she attempts to retrieve the Book of Shadows again in order to revive her deceased friends. As... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Classic Series Should Return To 2D?

    Nintendo’s recent Super Mario Bros. 4 web domain registry has a lot of fans excited. A return to the classic numbering convention is leading some to believe this new Mario game could be an even more traditionally 2D platformer than New Super Mario Bros. Wii. At the same time, Shigeru Miyamoto has... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft CEO Predicts Big Things For Rayman Orgins

    In an interview with MCV, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that Rayman Origins, which was announced at last year's E3, is still very much in development. In fact, the CEO seems to have quite a bit of confidence in the title, saying "It will be HD in 2D and it will be a big event for the... More
  • Blog Post: Fan-Made Halo 2D Game Firefight Demo Out Now

    Indie developer TriBlox_Studios has been working on Halo: Out With a Whimper, a 2D, side-scrolling adaptation of the Halo universe for a while now. Recently, it released a brand-new demo of the game, a taste of the famous survival mode Firefight. While neither Bungie or Microsoft has given the game its... More
  • Blog Post: Shank Release Date Announced

    At EA's media event this afternoon a release date was announced for Klei's upcoming downloadable title, Shank. You can get your hands on the stylish 2D brawler on PlayStation Network August 24, and Xbox Live August 25. Check out our preview . Lead artist Jeff Agala was on site at EA's Redwood... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Is More Popular In Japan When He’s Flat

    Mario is beloved all over the world, but it seems that different countries prefer different versions of him. The Japanese, for example, seem not to care much for the 3D version of him, but can’t get enough of his 2D exploits. The site Siliconera has some interesting facts to support this claim... More
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