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  • Blog Post: Mega Man Returns To The Wii, And Toy Soldiers Attack XBLA

    Toy Soldiers and Mega Man arrive on the downloadable scene this week. Both titles are looking great, but which one is worth your money? Microsoft kicks off their March Block Party of XBLA games this week with the release of Toy Soldiers . The game hits tomorrow, Wednesday, March 3rd for 1200 Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Hello My Name Is…Exploring The Meaning Of Your Favorite Character’s Name

    Would a rose by any other name really not smell as sweet? Probably not, but if was called the buttflower how many people would be sticking their noses in it? Names are important – even in video games. The history of a character’s name can sometimes show us significant traits that character... More
  • Blog Post: Echochrome Gets A Sequel, While XBLA And WiiWare Each Receive Three New Games

    A number of new downloadable games become available this week, and we’ve got the scoop on what’s worth your attention. Echochrome was a media darling when it was first shown at E3 in 2007, but the game never quite found the commercial success it deserved. The clever and contemplative puzzle... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive New L.A. Noire Screens

    Team Bondi's L.A. Noire is one of the most ambitious Rockstar titles to date, featuring a massive open world and a groundbreaking animation system. It's also one of the first Rockstar titles in some time that doesn't use Rockstar's RAGE engine, rather Team Bondi's proprietary engine... More
  • Blog Post: Darwinia Comes to XBLA, And The Return Of Blaster Master

    This week’s downloadable game releases, delivered in one neatly tied package. Darwinia was originally released on PC and Mac in 2005, but its latest version is now headed to Xbox Live Arcade. Darwinia+ combines all the gameplay of the original and combines it with the multiplayer-enabled Multiwinia... More
  • Blog Post: Metro 2033 Trailer Will Scare The Pants Off You

    Here's a trailer for the upcoming survival FPS, Metro 2033, as promised in this month's issue! More
  • Blog Post: Nier Screenshots

    If you read this issue's preview of Nier and are craving more media of the game, here are some new screens to keep you happy. They show off some of the village environments, the frenzied action, and even the complex word edit system, which lets you upgrade your weapons and abilities. You can also... More
  • Blog Post: A New Batch of Split Second Screens

    Check out these new Split Second screens to go along with the preview in the March issue of Game Informer. More
  • Blog Post: March Cover Revealed

    Rockstar Games is known for its ambitious projects, and L.A. Noire proves that the company’s reputation is safe. While the rumblings about the game have been heard for years, our world exclusive cover story is the only place you’ll be able to get concrete information on the gritty crime epic... More
  • Blog Post: How to Maul Orcs: A Blood Bowl Tutorial

    Blood Bowl for the Xbox 360 takes the Games Workshop classic strategy game and brings it to the console crowd – complete with the original game as well as some optional changes. But not all of us are blood-stained and muddied Blood Bowl vets. Games Workshop was nice enough to give us this detailed... More
  • Blog Post: Joe Mauer Talks Baseball, Video Games

    I just got off the phone with the best athlete of his – or, really, any – generation: Joe Mauer. As the cover athlete for MLB 10: The Show, he's got as much to say about video games as he ever did about the QuickSwing baseball trainer . Sorry ladies, no picture of Joe in the motion-capture... More
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