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  • Blog Post: ESA Annual Report Details The Association's 2012 Stand Against Piracy

    2012 was a busy year for the Entertainment Software Association, and the latest annual report details some of the organizations projects during the year. The ESA represents video games in a number of important ways, including supporting and maintaining ESRB rating system, and acting as a representative... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Announces Impressive 2012 Sales Numbers

    Activision Blizzard released its 2012 calendar year financials today, and defied the slumping game market with impressive sales numbers. CEO Bobby Kotick said, “We are very pleased to report that Activision Blizzard delivered the best performance in its history. With better-than-expected net revenues... More
  • Blog Post: A Cumulative $14.8 Billion Spent On Video Games In 2012

    The NPD group is reporting that last year $14.8 billion was spent on video games. That includes new, rentals, and used games, as well as digital content. According to the report, $7.09 billion were spent on new physical video and PC game, $1.79 billion on used and rental games, and $5.92 billion on digital... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are Xbox Live Arcade's Best Selling Games In 2012

    The Xbox Live Arcade is going strong with revenues estimated to have doubled 2011's according to fadellc.com . That probably has a lot to do with the game that was the best selling XBLA game in 2012. And I am going to predict that it might just be the best selling game in 2013 again when that list... More
  • Blog Post: Kickstarter Celebrates A Successful 2012

    Last year was huge for the crowd-funding website. Explore some of the numbers and success stories the website had last year. Kickstarter has emerged as something of a cultural phenomenon, offering a new way for creative voices to bring their projects into being, without the need for traditional investors... More
  • Blog Post: Looking Back At 2012 In Gaming

    This year the Star Wars franchise was sold, Nintendo released a new console, and gamers got to kill a zombie President. Does that make it a good year? You tell me. Check out this video, from the author of the webcomics Domics, which looks back at 2012 in gaming, with a little tongue-in-cheek humor. More
  • Blog Post: The Games Of 2012 Crammed Into A Two Minute Video

    YouTube user Malcolm Klock took it upon himself to go through some of the games that came out this year, edit them together, and create the video you see below. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say, “I totally forgot that game came out this year,” when you watch 2012 In... More
  • Blog Post: Bloomberg Names Zynga's Pincus To "Worst CEOs" List

    The respected business news organization has published its list of the worst CEOs of 2012, and Zynga's Marc Pincus makes the cut. This year has been a tough one for Cityville publisher Zynga, which has suffered plummeting stock prices, layoffs and cancellations of games, and accusations of insider... More
  • Blog Post: Political Kombat '12 Proposes A New Way To Pick Our President

    If you're like us you're probably wondering why the Presidential debates have gotten so political. Check out Political Kombat '12, which envisions a simpler time when debates were settled with fists and whip-like combovers. Watch President Obama and Donald Trump duke it out in this live broadcast... More
  • Blog Post: E3 2012 Day Two Recap

    Today is technically the first day that E3 is open, which means that a horde of gamers is crowding the LA Convention Center and playing the hottest new games. Here you can find today's highlights from the show floor. Nintendo's Big Show The last of the major press conferences took place this... More
  • Blog Post: Is This Lord Of The Rings Or Skyrim?

    It’s too bad that Skyrim can’t actually feature this many characters on screen at once, because this epic battle would have made a sweet addition to the game’s main story. YouTube user Tyrannicon modded the game and put together this epic machinima battle of 500 Draugr, 200 skeletons... More
  • Blog Post: Imagining Skyrim In 2012

    What might Bethesda’s epic RPG look like if it were set in the year 2012? Let’s find out. A few months ago, GroBroPros posted a video where they dreamt of what the world of Skyrim would look like in the year 2012: Now the saga continues: [Source: Dorkly ] More
  • Blog Post: The Next Xbox Will Not Be Released In 2012

    While not ruling out the possibility that a new Xbox console could be revealed at E3, a French Microsoft executive stated that the company will not release new hardware in 2012. When asked to respond to rumors that a new Microsoft console was going to be unveiled at E3, Microsoft France marketing director... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Likely To Be Last To Unveil Next-Gen System

    In an interview with a French website, a Sony executive suggested that the company is in no hurry to announce the next PlayStation. When asked about the company's next-gen plans in an interview with Le Point, Sony France's Philippe Cardon commented, "It's true that there are a lot of... More
  • Blog Post: What Are Your 2012 New Year's Video Game Resolutions?

    2011 is mere hours from being a distant memory as 2012 overtakes the previous year in what will undoubtedly be a violent altercation. The new year means resolutions, and while I have some not so important throw-away ones like eat healthier and learn how to do a back flip, I also have some important video... More
  • Blog Post: Desmond's Story Ends In 2012, But Assassin's Creed Doesn't

    When the first Assassin's Creed released in 2007, Desmond's struggle with Abstergo was set in the near-future: the year 2012. Pretty soon, that'll be the present, and Ubisoft aims to conclude Desmond's tale before the end of next year. Why is that date significant? If you've been... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Exec Reveals Date For Next StarCraft II Expansion?

    During a GDC Online session today, Blizzard's Battle.net project director Greg Canessa may have made a revealing slip of the tongue. During a Q&A session, Canessa fielded a question about future Battle.net feature updates like trading replays, broadcasting replays, and upgrading profiles. During... More
  • Blog Post: GI Knows The Truth About Assassin's Creed

    If you've pieced together "The Truth" in Assassin's Creed II, you probably have more questions than answers about what's really going on with Desmond and his ancestors. Game Informer's executive editor Andrew Reiner shared his theories, and according to Assassin's Creed... More
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