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  • Blog Post: Teens Still Have A Good Time With Goldeneye 64 Nearly 20 Years After Release

    A new video from the React YouTube channel puts the Nintendo 64's Goldeneye in the hands of kids who weren't alive when it released 18 years ago. All the teens are less than impressed with the game's dated graphics, but you can't deny they had a good time demanding that their competitors... More
  • Blog Post: Bond Uncovers More About Spectre In New Movie Trailer

    In the latest trailer for the upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre, the secret agent infiltrates a meeting of the organization, but they've been waiting for him. For more on the movie, you can also check out the movie's first trailer here . Spectre hits theaters on November 6. More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Nintendo 64 Games Do You Want Next On Wii U Virtual Console?

    Super Mario 64 , Donkey Kong 64 , and Paper Mario have all made their way to the Wii U's Virtual Console. What do you want to release next? There are some first-party Nintendo big-hitters that seem like pretty sure bets that are already available on the Wii's Virtual Console. Mario Kart 64, Zelda... More
  • Blog Post: Bond Is Back In New Movie-Hopping Release

    James Bond is coming back to theaters this fall with Skyfall , the series' 23rd installment. It should come as no surprise that Activision is releasing a new 007 game to mark the event. What's interesting about the game, 007 Legends, is how it's not just aping the plot of Bond's latest... More
  • Blog Post: Pussy Galore And Emilio Largo Coming To Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

    The James Bond series has no shortage of femme fatales and colorful villains, and Activision will be tapping into that rich vein for Goldeneye 007: Reloaded's upcoming DLC. Goldfinger 's Pussy Galore is available now and Thunderball 's Emilio Largo is coming to the Xbox Live and PSN on December... More
  • Blog Post: New James Bond Title To Be Announced At Comic Con

    Activision isn’t one to sit on a license for too long. It’s been only a little over six months since the company released James Bond 007: Blood Stone, but rumor has it that we’ll be catching our first glimpse of the next James Bond title later this month, during San Diego Comic Con... More
  • Blog Post: Bizarre Creations Shuts Down Officially On Friday

    First we heard that Activision wanted to sell them . Then the publisher recommended closure . Now that closure is nearly here: On Friday, developer Bizarre Creations will cease to exist. Develop reports that the beleaguered developer, which was acquired by Activision in 2007, will shut down for good... More
  • Blog Post: More Proof Of Raven's Involvement In A New Bond Game?

    Now that MGM's problems have been squared away in regards to James Bond and a new film is finally moving forward, Activision is most certainly going to fire up its license for another game adaptation. But who will handle it? A new online hint points in Raven Software's direction. The developer... More
  • Blog Post: Win Blood Stone Or Goldeneye By Sharing Your Favorite Bond Memory

    UPDATE: The winners have been chosen and they have received site messages. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all the entries! While the current status of 007 films is up in the air, he's left a decades-long legacy that isn't going to be forgotten anytime soon. From the highs of Sean Connery's... More
  • Blog Post: Raven Stealthily Working On James Bond Stealth Game?

    Coming off of Bizarre Creations' recently mediocre James Bond 007: Blood Stone (above), there is already talk that publisher Activision Blizzard is readying another Bond title – this time by Singularity developer Raven Software. Bond fansite MI6 has a rumor that Raven is working on a stealth... More
  • Blog Post: Reiner And Phil Become International Super-Spies In Blood Stone

    With the release of two new James Bond games last week, it seemed appropriate that Reiner and I take off on a globe-trotting adventure. Instead of trying out the "reimagining" of N64 classic GoldenEye (sorry, I'll let Tim take the death threats for that one), we took a look at Blood Stone... More
  • Blog Post: GoldenEye Videos Showcase New Theme Song, Old Richard Kiel

    The new Wii version of GoldenEye 007 is finally out on store shelves today. While you can read our full review to get our impressions, Activision has also released two new videos related to the game. The first video below shows clips from a GoldenEye 007 press event featuring none other than Richard... More
  • Blog Post: Watch GoldenEye Today, Play It Tomorrow

    Activision's re-imagining of GoldenEye hits shelves tomorrow, and you can get yourself psyched up for the Wii shooter by watching this official launch trailer. It showcases Daniel Craig as Bond (taking the place of the movie's star Pierce Brosnan), a few of the villains you'll see in multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: Blood Stone Clip Shows James Bond At His Khaki-Wearing Best

    James Bond's film prospects seem to be in limbo these days, but that's not stopping Activision and Bizarre Creations from creating an all-new adventure for the legendary agent. The latest peek at Blood Stone 007 shows off some of the game's slick-looking driving sequences--which is no surprise... More
  • Blog Post: Istanbul Is A Dangerous City According To New Blood Stone Trailer And Screens

    James Bond 007: Blood Stone seems like it was just announced yesterday (or last month ), but the Bizarre Creations-developed action title is already quickly approaching its November 2010 release. The latest trailer for the game begins to hint at the story behind Bond's latest adventure. Check it... More
  • Blog Post: Joss Stone Joins Bond Girl Roster

    Grammy winning artist Joss Stone is slated to debut as a digital Bond girl in Activision’s upcoming title James Bond 007: Blood Stone. Stone’s likeness isn’t the only talent she is lending to the project, however. Stone is also contributing original music to the game. As of now we know... More
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