Monolith Productions has a long history in the gaming industry, but it’s a safe bet that the studio has never attempted a project more ambitious than Shadow of War. We knew that the sequel to Shadow of Mordor was a deep and involved game before we visited the studio, but after multiple days playing through the near-finished project, the full scope of the new Middle-earth game blew us away. We’ve come away with pages of impressions and explorations, including a look at the new Nazgûl boss fights, and pulled it all together into this month’s cover story. 

Shadow of War doubles down on the intricate Nemesis system that made the previous game so intriguing; this time it expands options for everything from personal bodyguards to epic fortress assaults. The game world is many times the size of the previous game, with five distinct locales filled with mountains, caves, cities, and cavernous pits. Over what appears to be dozens of hours of adventures, players can dig into a deep role-playing system of character and equipment upgrades. And along the way, Monolith has dramatically expanded the depth and breadth of its storytelling, with more cinematics, deep dives into Middle-earth lore, and a conclusion to the tale of Talion and Celebrimbor’s story of domination, vengeance, and conflict against Sauron and the forces of Mordor. We’ve got twelve pages of detail, including new screenshots, looks at the individual Nazgûl, a map of the game world, and more.

Check out our cover by clicking on the image below to open the full front-and-back spread, in which we see Shadow of War’s hero, Talion, along with new ally, Eltariel, as they face off against the combined terror of the ringwraiths. 

As always, in addition to our magazine cover story, you can expect a full month of interviews, videos, and in-depth features highlighting elements of Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Find out what you can expect by watching the coverage trailer below.

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