Undertale creator Toby Fox does not like the idea of achievements in the game. He did not believe they were beneficial when the game launched on Steam, but Sony requires trophies for games on PlayStation 4 and Vita, so the console port of Undertale had to add some.

Now that the game is out, a full list of trophies accompanies it. A viral tweet presents an example of how much the trophy stance has changed.

A lot of the other trophies are based on progression, except for the newly added dog shrine. That part is a veritable time waster. You can find the full trophy list here.

If you have beaten Undertale and want to see how the PS4 version handles some of the game's PC-specific tricks, check out our video here.

Other games have recently made points about trophies, like Nier: Automata, which let players use in-game currency to just buy trophies if they wanted to pay for it. Let us know in the comments what you think about mandatory trophies and achievements in games when the developer isn't interested.