Bungie has announced the hotly anticipated dates for the PC beta of Destiny 2, taking place on August 28th for Early Access members and August 29th for everyone else. The beta ends on the 31st for everyone, so players who preordered get one more day to play.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the beta took place from July 19th for preorders to the end of the day on July 25th. Bungie has not yet given statistics for how well its testing on consoles went, but the original Destiny beta in 2014 boasted 4.6 million players, breaking records for beta users for a new IP on consoles.

Additionally, Bungie has outlined the minimum and recommended specs for Destiny 2's PC beta, though they're quick to clarify that does not necessarily apply to full game. Check out Bungie's update to see if your PC can handle the Destiny 2 beta.

[Source: Bungie Newsletter]


Our Take
The shorter time period for the PC beta is a little odd and, coupled with the delay, starts to create a narrative about Bungie's priorities. Hopefully, the beta blows away the expectations the PC community has for the game, because it is always hard to make another first impression.