Despite its critical and commercial success (or perhaps, because of it), many fans are eager to extend the possibilities of playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Today, news filtered out about an emerging mod for the game, which is promising the possibility of cooperative play. 

From a post on Reddit, we got a brief glimpse of the potential for the mod, which uses a Wii U emulator to run on PC, and currently allows for two players to explore the game in a local couch-play style. 

Previously, Nintendo has been quick to squash the plans of modders and other creators who attempt to alter or redesign existing Nintendo games, such as a 2D Zelda project as well as a remake of Metroid 2. 

[Source: Reddit, via GameSpot]


Our Take
It’s fascinating to see all the ways that fans explore ways to further stretch out Nintendo’s properties, but I wouldn’t get too excited about this fan-made project seeing a public release. Beyond the fact that its creators confess that they are many months from finalizing, it seems very unlikely that Nintendo would allow the mod to be released online without legal intervention.