After a troubled launch plagued with bugs and server issues, Friday the 13th developer Gun Media is offering players free DLC, in-game currency, and a double XP weekend to make up for it.

Starting June 20, Gun Media is adding two new outfits for each counselor, and gifting 13,000 free Customization Points to each player account. Also, players can enjoy double XP this weekend from June 23 to June 25. The most significant offering included in the free update, however, is the 'Retro' costume for Jason, inspired by his look in the Friday the 13th NES game. The purple and turquoise skin will be accompanied by chiptune music inspired by the NES game.

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Our Take
Okay, first of all, that Jason skin is incredible. We were having a ton of fun with the game at launch, and it seemed like most players thought the concept was strong but the bugs ruined the experience. Hopefully these free costumes are cool enough to get disgruntled fans to give the game another chance.