Sonic Mania, the throwback title Sega is creating in collaboration with a stable of indie developers, was originally scheduled to release this past spring. At SXSW, the company announced that the developers asked for more time, so the game was pushed to a summer release date. According to a trailer on European Steam, that release date is August 15.

The trailer on the U.S. store ends with the official "Summer 2017" release statement, but multiple people in Europe reported seeing an August 15, 2017 release date at the end of their trailer. You can see a mirror of that trailer here.

It's important to note that this date could only apply for Europe. We've reached out to Sega and will update this story if we receive a comment.

[Source: Steam via NeoGAF]


Our Take
I know a lot of fans (myself included) have been looking forward to getting their hands on this title since it was revealed last summer during San Diego Comic-Con. I've loved what I've played so far, and am looking forward to more information. Hopefully we'll see more of Sonic Mania at E3 in a couple of weeks.