Disney Parks and Lucasfilm are teaming up to transport guests to a new world. In a panel at Star Wars Celebration, we learned this planet isn't Tatooine or Takodana; it's a new place that hasn't been seen in any Star Wars story yet. This planet rests on the edge of wild space, and is said to be old and a hub that was thriving before faster-than-light travel was invented.

The new planet is patrolled by First Order and Resistance troops, so it must fit somewhere into the new era of movies. It also has a robust criminal underground network that guests will be subject to. Guests can also help out the different factions in ways that have yet to be explained, but your efforts will change things, and build a reputation for you in the park.

One of the attractions is piloting the Millennium Falcon, an act that again produces results that could affect something in the park or alter your experience.

Disney's upcoming Star Wars park sounds quite ambitious and is more interactive than your typical theme park. You'll be able to experience it yourself in Orlando, FL, starting in 2019. The video below gives an inside look at the current progress on developing this park.