This week, most fans of Japanese RPGs have their hands full with Persona 5, but that doesn't mean we can't also look toward the horizon. Xseed Games has announced the acclaimed The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel will finally be getting a PC release this summer.

According to Xseed's announcement, the PC version will have 50 percent more English voiceover dialogue than the original PS3/Vita version. Trails of Cold Steel II is also getting a PC release, though the timeframe was not specified.

In other Legend of Heroes news, Xseed also announced that the final installment of the Trails in the Sky branch is releasing on PC on May 3. 

Our Take
I enjoy playing RPGs on my Vita, but the fact that these titles weren't available on a more modern platform likely served as a barrier for some potential players. The move to PC may not be as enticing as a current-gen console, but at least you don't have to dust off an old system to enjoy it.