Japanese Final Fantasy XV players will soon be able to get their hands on some very special Cup Noodle-themed DLC, thanks to Nissin Foods. A particularly souped-up piece of gear for Noctis, simply called the Cup Noodle Headgear, will be free to anyone who purchases the Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection, a commemorative set of 15 different Cup Noodle flavors based on classic Final Fantasy antagonists.

As reported by Gematsu, buyers will be getting early access to the downloadable when it releases sometime this summer, leading to speculation that it will be made available to a wider audience at a later date. It's unknown if that audience would include players outside of Japan...but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate it from afar.

The Cup Noodle product placement in Final Fantasy XV was never exactly subtle, but placing a giant advertisement on the main character's forehead manages to make the original game's notorious Cup Noodle side quest seem tame in comparison.

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