Today EA hosted a livestream that covered the many changes coming via the Battlefield 1 winter update.

First and foremost is the return of the Ribbon system, which grants players a 300 XP bonus each time they complete the outlined criteria. DICE plans to start with 20 ribbons, and unlike the medal system you progress toward earning one counts at all times. You can also earn them repeatedly for the XP bump. 

To give players who are already at the level cap more to do, DICE is also upping the class ranks from 10 to 50. Continuing to rank up will earn you new icons for your kill card and new class-specific dogtags. 

Weapon nuts have another goal to achieve with elite weapon codexes. Getting 500 kills with either the M1897 Trench Gun, Automatico M1918, Selbstlader M1916, M1907 SL, Gewehr M.95, Madsen MG, SMLE MKIII, or Benet Mercie will unlock the elite codex and grant you a 25,000 XP bonus. 

On the infrastructure front, DICE is adding the ability to vote for new maps at the end of each round, as well as the ability for a server admin to kick players. DICE joked that you can even kick the developers from your rented server should you wish. The developers said they are continuing to examine and enhance the netcode as well.

The winter update is slated to go live tomorrow. The first major expansion, They Shall Not Pass, isn't due for another month.


Our Take
It's nice to see DICE add more depth to its performance tracking system, putting Battlefield 1 more on par with the modern-day entries.