Since 2012, most of Marvel Comics' physical superhero books included a code that gifted the reader a digital version of the same issue they just purchased. Rather than giving readers two versions of the same comic, Marvel is instituting a new digital code program that gives readers two or more back issues of various mainline superhero books. This new offering launches in February, and changes week by week. If you purchase two new releases in a week, they will give you the same code for the same back issues.

In a written statement, David Gabriel, Marvel Publishing's senior vice president in sales, said the new program was created to give "fans more value per dollar spent," as well as "free entry points for current on sale collected editions."

As such, one of the first codes to be released gives people issue zero of Civil War II, which syncs up with Marvel's delivery of a digital trade of the full series later that month. This new program is meant to drive sales, but also gives readers an element of mystery that they didn't have week to week. I never entered codes in the past (and instead gifted some to friends), but will now enter them to see what books pop up. It's almost like opening up a Loot Crate.

[via Hollywood Reporter]