In 2009, a video game titled Watchmen: The End Is Nigh released as a tie-in to the Watchmen movie that released that same year. The game didn't do well, but it turns out that this title wasn't the only Watchmen game that was pitched to Warner Bros. Interactive.

YouTuber Unseen64, also known as video game historian Liam Robertson, takes a look at two Watchmen games that developer BottleRocket, a studio that included the creators of Mark of Kri, hoped to bring to life. The team pitched two ideas to Warner Bros., including an open world third-person action title that centered around Rorschach that would feature puzzle-solving and interrogations.

The second pitch was to create a prequel game that takes place before the events in either the movie or the comics, following several Watchmen characters during historical moments such as the JFK assassination. In the end, neither of these games saw the light of day. Watch the video below to find out more.

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