Despite disruptive server issues, the wildly popular Pokémon Go has been launching worldwide progressively, with Canada being the latest to receive the game officially.

Pokémon Go has been available in the US, and recently several places across Europe, but unfortunately the game's been plagued with unstable servers. However, with the game's official launch in Canada, our northern neighbors can now enjoy the delight of catching Pokémon too.

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Our Take
As a Canadian who only moved to the States as of last week, I saw already how insanely popular Pokémon Go was in Canada. While it wasn't available officially, there were easy ways to get around that. Turf wars were happening in parks around gyms, and almost everyone holding a phone who I'd pass in the street was playing it. Now with its official release, that number of players is only going to boom. I just hope these unreliable servers get fixed and don't become an even larger problem as the game expands around the world.