Since its release on February 9, Firewatch has sold approximately 500,000 digital copies.

Campo Santo has previously noted that the game highly exceeded their sales expectations, and now we get to see the numbers. The details of the sales can be found on publisher Panic Inc's blog, which tells the story of Firewatch's success in a retrospective article. Panic was also responsible for printing real-life prints of digital photos fans took in-game. So far, fans have uploaded approximately 214,802 in-game photos to Panic's server, and over 1,000 sets have been shipped. The blog post also offers some fantastic fan art, along with a round-up of game critic reviews and Panic's own reflections on the journey thus far.

Panic ended the post with a thank you to Campo Santo, saying, "Our sincere thanks to everyone at Campo Santo for everything. Sean, Jake, Jane, Chris, Olly, Ben, James, Patrick, Nels, Gabe, Will, and I guess even Paolo — it was a pleasure getting to know you, and making something with you."

You can learn more about Firewatch in Jeff Cork's review or in our hands-on Test Chamber segment.

[Source: Panic]

Our Take
Firewatch is a fantastic game, and it deserves all the praise and success it receives. It's great to see a unique indie game like this one sell so well, and I hope this isn't the last we hear of Campo Santo. More stunning adventure games, please.