Forget soccer – Psyonix Studios is swapping sports with a brand-new mode for Rocket League.

Psyonix posted the following message on its Twitter account, which shows Rocket League's vehicular athletes taking to the court with a new mode that's apparently called Rocket League Hoops.

The developer hasn't shared any more details, but the screenshot suggests that players will now be aiming for a generously sized hoop instead of the game's traditional soccer goals. It will be interesting to see if scoring is also changing for the new mode, or if the three-point and free-throw lines are purely cosmetic. Just when you thought Rocket League couldn't get any weirder!

[Source: Twitter]


Our Take
Rocket League was one of last year's biggest surprise hits, and it's nice to see that Psyonix is working hard to keep the momentum going and the Rocket League community entertained. Now how about a curling mode?