Elite Dangerous has been confirmed for the HTC Vive for a while now. But those opting for the Oculus Rift won’t miss out on the space simulator in VR.

Oculus and Frontier Developments announced today that Elite Dangerous is launching on the Rift on March 28. This coincides with the official launch of the virtual reality platform.

Anyone who owns Elite Dangerous or the Horizons season pass will get the Oculus version at no additional cost. You can read more about the game in our review.


Our Take
I’ve been playing Elite Dangerous and one of the great things that VR adds to the experience is objecting tracking. Being able to look around the cockpit naturally makes it easier to re-orient and target ships that buzz by you or are flying (relatively) overhead. For those who aren’t springing for a VR headset but want a similar effect, you might want to consider eye-tracking hardware that offers that functionality.