A few weeks back, we wrote about Apeiron, Poem Studios' unofficial remake of BioWare's classic action-RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A YouTuber got a chance to mess around with the game in its pre-alpha state, and you can see how it's shaping up in his four-minute video.

MrMattyPlays wanders around several of the game's environments, including Tatooine, showing off the sights. As he points out, the footage shows the game from a first-person perspective instead of the original game's third-person view. The default setting will be in the game, but players who are more used to seeing in-game worlds through their own virtual eyes will have that option. 

For more info on the game, take a look at the project's site.

[Source: MrMattyPlays via Eurogamer]


Our Take
If past experience has taught me anything, it's that you shouldn't get too excited for fan-made projects – particularly when they involve this kind of scale. It's great to see that work is progressing along, but there are so many moving parts to manage – not to mention the nature of Disney's legal counsel – that seeing this as a finished project would be a pleasant surprise.