Mass Effect: Andromeda and developer BioWare have lost another team member. Cameron Harris, a senior editor on the game, is leaving the company and the industry.

Harris announced her departure via the tweet below, and she joins lead writer Chris Schlerf and senior development director Chris Wynn in leaving Mass Effect: Andromeda in just the past handful of months.

According to Harris' professional profile, she's worked on several high-profile franchises over the years including Gears of War 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, working on narrative content, among other duties.

This isn't the only setback for the game, as it was recently announced it was being pushed back into early 2017.

[Source: Cameron Harris twitter]


Our Take
It's unknown if the game's delay is directly related to these departures, but it can't be good, either. With the game a year away, it feels like it's in a weird middle ground – not early enough in the cycle for these developments to be washed over, but far enough out that it may not affect the final product. Here's hoping, anyway.