Anyone who's played Rocket League can attest to its fantastic competitive core. As the battles between top teams grow fiercer, developer Psyonix is moving to capitalize on its eSports potential via a new partnership with Twitch.

Today the companies announced the Official Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS), which kicks off its inaugural season on PS4 and PC this year. Soon, interested players can register their teams to join the three-month season, which has a total prize pool of $75,000. Twitch will serve as the official broadcasting platform and manage the league operations, working with Psyonix to grow the infrastructure. 

All the tournaments will be broadcast on the channel. If you're interested in learning more or in joining the competition, check out the official website.


Our Take
Developing an official league is the natural next step for Psyonix to take with its popular arcade sports title. The purse may pale in comparison to the large sums being thrown around in the MOBA scene, but if the eSport continues to grow that will surely change as new sponsors come to the table.