For the month of March, intrepid Diablo III players can hunt down a secret area. This is no ordinary portal, though. It’s a new, secret cow level.

The area in question was installed to remember Kevin Kanai Griffith, a Blizzard artist who passed away due to a rare form of cancer two years ago. One of the game’s most precious artifacts, the Kanai Cube, is also named for Griffith.

YouTube user MadTom capture the process of entering Kanai’s Stomping Grounds, where you’ll be tasked with slaughtering the Infernal Bovines. The location depicted below is Act III’s Infernal Throne in the Ruins of Sescheron:

You have a few weeks to check this out for yourself. Once March, Kevin Kanai Griffith’s birth month, ends so does the event.

[Source: Blizzard, MadTom on YouTube via Kotaku]